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The builders were ambitious. The scope and magnitude of their plans were far reaching and would forever alter reality. Once they began there would be no way to turn back without leaving drastic changes. Like building a dam, once it is full of water, it is not easy to drain it. Not impossible but the land would be forever changed. Their plans were simply beyond imagination.

Unlike structures found in the real world made of objects, they wanted to construct an organic city that was living and breathing. I suppose it was built of objects of course but not the typical steel and wood found in many structures. That was part of their ambition. A living city that would be self maintaining and self building. Building might be a poor term, self organizing is perhaps a better description of what the city would do. As with any organic substance, a substrate of some kind was required to support the organisms. The complexity associated with building a city also had to be managed. The location would be very important. It would have to be secure and sheltered from storms and radiation.

Let me describe the builders. They are humanoid creatures, very similar to modern humans in appearance. Their bodies were engineered to provide optimal data gathering tools. And like the stars, they needed not to eat to exist, containing a life time supply of energy (stuff). They had no mouth or asshole. Delicate fingers with sensitive endings attached to arms that were disproportionately long compared to humans. They looked like the aliens that some humans describe in abduction cases. More on that later. They were also quite aware of energy usage and so designed their bodies to utilize the least amount of energy possible. As such, they were literally microscopic in size. For them atoms were like galaxies just not as interesting.

Once they worked out the bugs in the system, they codified the instruction templates. Although it had taken many centuries to perfect, they had succeeded in their endeavor. Each city would be complete and stand alone. There would be parks, commerce, schools and other features typical of a great city. Each city had its own design of sorts however, they all shared a similar layout and size. Housing was designed to provide fantastic views, comfortable living quarters, and was close to most every amenity offered. Each city had a dome that surrounded it. The dome served several purposes. It was designed as a shield from radiation and storms, a light holding/reflecting surface, and an energy conservation device.
The builders are an ancient race of beings who like most of life, evolved on a planet near a warming sun. Like most living creatures they developed sensing devices and could manipulate their reality. Highly adaptive, the learned to survive in harsh environments. Their great accomplishment was their re-design of their bodies. This occurred after less than a million years of their society's existence. It was a scientific driven dream. Older societies like theirs eventually deplete natural resources and would otherwise perish without dramatic and drastic changes. Rather than reduce their population they reduced their bodies to a size that would consume mere fractions of their dwindling resources. Based upon some studies, they determined that the re-design would allow their resources to last several billion years instead of thousands. The re-design prompted them to also consider their cities and how they might adapt them to their new size. The result was their plans for the City of Light.

Working with organics was very different than working with inert substances like steel, plastic and wood. The organic structures often were mobile and sometimes were self aware. Being self aware was an issue that the builders had understood from their own experiences but could not have imagined the repercussions of that awareness. They also wanted to ensure that there would be roads to interconnect the cities. To develop the roads, they had to consider the mobility of the cities. They had long ago learned how to manage energy and manipulate light. Rather than using inert structures, they chose filaments (threads) of energy instead. About a million years ago (Earth time), they began the greatest migration ever. Billions of beings would be moved to the new cities. Transporting them was not possible. Instead each was given a map and the location of a thread to follow. The cities had been grown and living beings of light were busy maintaining the new cities. The beings of light were autonomous but lacked the element of soul. They were more like robots. When the new citizens arrived, the beings of light would be retired and their roles performed by the new arrivals. The beings of light would be disassembled and their parts integrated into the city. At least that is how it was supposed to work.

The self aware structures had to be accommodated and managed. Early studies had shown that the self aware nature could damage the city and its resources. To ensure that the safety and security of the city remained intact, a special house was built to contain the self awareness. Each city had one. Although in some cases, the resident was not home. As was the case in this one. When that happens the threads would terminate inside the special house instead of leading to the city proper. The city of course would continue to operate as the robot beings would continue doing their programmatic tasks. The special house would begin to deteriorate however. It depended upon the resident for its energy. The resident was not allowed into the city. The special house had no openings. Everything was controlled. Panels with buttons, switches, wheels and knobs filled the walls and were designed to be used by only the resident. A kind of DNA security code was involved. There was a chair for the resident and a screen that projected the reality onto it. A complete living structure for a self awareness in which to function and operate as though it was somehow in control, yet was controlled.

Being just a visitor and traveler, I was fascinated by the technology and wonder of the city and its denizens. However, locked inside the special house that belonged to a self aware being that had ceased to function, I was frustrated by my inability to control anything. Interestingly, they had some how anticipated my coming. Perhaps, it was just a theory. I was able to assume partially the identity of the previous resident. But lacking a total connection, my actions were limited. I had to let the machinery do most of the work and remained a passive observer for the most part. Since I did not sleep like the previous resident I did not get to realize the immersion afforded them. During sleep or meditation, the residents were permitted to wander the city. Unable to do any damage, they appeared like the beings of light. They could interact with the citizens and were often treated like a benevolent god.

During my stay in the city, inside the shack that had once been a palace, I learned a few things about life, reality, the beings of light and the builders. I learned how to use the screen to explore the city. I learned how to interact with the citizens using the control panels. I was able to boost the energy production that gave the city its sustenance. I also learned that because of its microscopic size, a human day was about the same as a thousand years of city time. I was fascinated with the city, the builders and their beings of light. I sought a way to enter the city but realized that it was a reality I could share but not experience. For me the thread was like a great road, many miles wide. For them the thread was just that, a filament, just wide enough for one. Even if I was to find a way to leave the building, I would be far too small to be noticed. Oh well, I suppose travelers should always travel light.

And... alien abductions. Seems that sometimes, during their dreams, the host gets examined by the citizens, who want to fix or repair some malfunction. Perhaps a continuing study into how to better build the host. Not surprising that all reports of abduction involve the same type of beings. Every human has a city inside, populated with beings of light.

If you look closely in your dreams and meditations you might find the city inside. The place where you are 'god' though no fault of your own. What you think and how you think can influence the city but you can not change the city through any effort on your part. Your palace will either be grand or a shack. It's up to you. Perhaps if you are not just benevolent but also compassionate, the city may invite you to join them. Visions and nightmares are just a bit of what the city provides. The way to eternity is embedded within the city. Each has a town square, a park, a garden of Eden, where all creatures share a peaceful existence. In the center of the garden is a structure that contains the knowledge of billions of years. Humans had to be banned from the garden because they so wanted to know how it felt to be 'god'. Unfortunately, they already were 'god' and so their desire was not to be trusted.



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