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The Bag of Seeds
Imagine before you were born, someone offered you a choice of what kind of life you wanted to live. You could select from many possibilities the life that you wanted.
It was a simple choosing. You would be presented with two bags of seeds. One bag contained seeds all the same in shape, color, size. The other bag contained seeds all different in size, color and shape. Your task is to first choose which bag and then to select the one seed that would be your life. A life that you would nurture and tend to as it grew. There is a catch twenty two associated with the choosing. If you selected the wrong seed, you would be living someone's life.
Which bag would you choose? How would you choose the seed?

The second question is about knowledge and responsibility. What is our purpose?
The Observatory
Imagine that you work in an observatory as a janitor. One night while cleaning, you look in the telescope and see an asteroid coming toward the Earth. It is startling and perhaps frightening. When the scientists begin arriving, you excitedly share your observation. They seem surprised and after a bit of examination, they tell you that there is nothing coming and that you should not be using the telescope.
What you saw was real however, and it will impact the Earth in just a few days. It might destroy the entire planet. Would you inform others? What responsibility do you have to inform others?

The third question is about fate and choice. Do we have free will?
Imagine that as you are walking down a street in some town, you encounter a person begging for food. The person begs you for something to eat. What do you do?

The forth question is about change and individuality. Is life an illusion?
Imagine one day that an alien creature offers you an opportunity to live in paradise. You would never die, nor ever feel pain. You would always remain young. The new you would have everything you needed., however, you could not bring anyone with you and you would not remember your former life. The knowledge/power to create such a paradise would be located there with you in the form of a machine of sorts. If you were to damage the machine, you would be forced to live as you had before.
Would you go? Would you want to know about the machine?

The fifth question is about the unknown. How do we choose? Can we measure the unknown?
Imagine you find yourself in a box with a door. Your perceptions of the outside are based upon information you receive through a device inside the box. You wonder what it is really like outside the box. If you open the door there are two possible consequences. You may leak out and becomes dispersed into the outside reality unable to reintegrate yourself or you might retain the self in a wondrous reality or a hellish reality. The outside might rush in filling the box with either great wonder and blessings or a poison. You have no way to know which might occur. Do you open the door?

These questions and their possible answers have shaped and molded my life.

Question #1
For me, I choose the bag with seeds all the same. I carefully took out one seed at a time and wondered if it was me. Seeing it I realized that it was 'NotMe'. As I went through the bag, I wondered if I would find 'me' in the bag. Finally, as the bag was now empty, I reached in hoping to find a remaining seed. I felt something in my hand and knew I had found my seed. As I opened my hand I could see nothing there and realized I had found my seed, myself, my me.

Question #2
Although the knowledge and information was real, my responsibility to convince others was not a consideration. I might tell some friends but even then only if they asked. It was a perception that I experienced no different than many other perceptions in my life.

Question #3
This one was difficult for me. As a human I would treat others as I would like to be treated. However, there are some philosophical issues in the question. Perhaps the starving persons' job is to starve. By providing food am I denying them their job? By providing food am I choosing to elevate myself above the intelligence of 'God' and the reality of life? Imagine dropping a pebble into a clear pond. Those that live beneath the water will see the pebble and ripples. Some may perceive the opportunity for food other may perceive a predator. The pebble altered their reality. IN much the same way, food would give the person a feeling of a better reality. Then once gone, they would be back to where they began except now perhaps bitter for having tasted a better world only to be condemned to their reality once again.

Question #4
I would accept the opportunity. All I am now can be described as perceptions. I would be no different there other than the pain of being wold cease. Knowledge is dangerous. It can cause action or prevent action. I would not want to know about the machine. If I came upon the machine and damaged it, I would be as I am now. Concern about possible loss of paradise would limit my ability to experience the fullness of it all.

Question #5
We are all born into this realty enclosed in the box of individual thoughts and perceptions. We can not freely choose to be someone else nor be their thoughts. The outside reality is of many possibilities and how we engage with that reality defines the 'me' in our lives.



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