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One day a being was wandering and came upon a lovely great tree with fragrant blossoms that dripped tiny spheres of color and light. The tiny spheres drifted in the breeze and left trails as they moved/fell. The being was profoundly pleased by the tree and fell asleep under its graceful branches. The fragrance was intoxicating and caused the being to dream. The dream began in wonder and awe. But when the being tried to awaken, it found itself unable to do so. The dream became a nightmare of sorts. The brain of the being had become locked into a loop that it could not stop. In its brain, the being developed particles and antibodies that surrounded the spot where the loop was and began to massage and worked to divert the flow. The loop was finally broken by a particle called human.

One day a being was wandering and came upon a lovely garden full of incredible flowers and great beauty. One flower seemed particularly interesting. It had a crystal blossom and reflected light is wondrous ways. The being became fascinated with the flower and sat next to it to better observe the blossoms. As it peered into the sparkling bloom, it imagined that the dancing lights inside the crystal were alive, tracing the shapes of galaxies and stars. A tear of bliss fell from its eye upon the crystal. This caused a distortion and magnification to happen. As it looked it felt its gaze being drawn deep inside the crystal where is saw in great detail the undulating waves of life. Unable to move, the being entranced by the wonder, continued to sit until the life inside discovered it was being watched and could send a message to the watcher.

Once upon a time there was a pool of energy. It was lovely and grand. A sense of being came upon the pool and loved it so. It embraced the pool and as it did, the pool restrained by the embrace became a great column. The embrace was not able to fully contain the energy and in spots there were small holes where globs of energy leaked out. These globs of energy exited with a great force and moved away from the column. On each glob, an awareness developed that was able to look back at the column from which it had come and realized that it would never be able to return. The great sadness of the realization caused the globs to throb and emit light. As they moved further away, some realized that they were the explores of the unknown, the eyes of God.

A being liked to play with energy and time. One of its favorite toys was/is a vase made of time that could hold energy which it would fill and then pour. The many lights and sparkling delight would cause it great joy. One day it found another vase and began to pour the energy from one vase into the other. As it did, the splashing energy would bounce off the bottom of the empty vase and reach the top. There the incoming energy would touch the bounced energy and created a most marvelous and lovely sight. The interference of the two streams cause patterns and shapes to appear. The very edge where the two streams met seemed alive and the being called it life.

One day Fred and some others were playing and discovered a way to bounce energy off a table. As they explored their new toy, they found it possible to make the energy spin and interact with other energy. Soon the entire table was alive with energy shapes and forms interacting and dancing. As they watched, some forms seemed stable and did not interact as much as the others. Looking closer they discovered that the interactions were there but so small that they had missed it at first glance. The molecules and formed long chains that they called life.

It was a great house and there were always celebrations. One day after a wondrous party, the sink was blocked and wouldn't drain properly. They tried to see what was wrong but it was too dark, so they sent down a light. The light helped but they were not sure about what they saw. They added some drain cleaner and hoped it would clear the blockage. They tried to retrieve the light but is had become stuck in the drain. As they looked they saw that the garbage in the drain had become alive and was aware of being. They were perplexed and called the blockage life.

One day they decided to run a new program. It would be a great experiment. They had worked on the program for nearly an infinite time and now it was complete. As the program began, they watched on their monitors the developing simulation. It worked far better than they had imagined. Globs and particles soon began to interact and developed more sophisticated forms and structures. It was then that they realized in horror what they had done. The forms and structures had become self aware and conscious. They tried to stop the simulation but were unable to do so as it seemed capable of self generation. They had to abandon the place and tried to contain the simulation inside a chamber. They called it life.

They were just playing like usual. Running and dancing and as they did the swirls and trails of their movements raised up like cyclones of dust and such. They were just children and so loved to play. You could always tell where they had been by the sparkling bits of energized dust that swirled. One day, as they played, a bit of dust bruised the heal of one of the children. The bruise caused a leak of child stuff to mix with the dust. The spot where that occurred seemed different than the other places. They called it Earth.

It was just an idea but it was a lovely idea that might exist. The idea grew an awareness and thought it saw something in the distance. As it tried to reach the thing it felt it get further away. It stopped its pursuit and let the thing draw near but still could not tell what the thing was. It pondered a while and imagined a platform of sorts between itself and the object. On the platform it installed sensors and began to probe the object. Unable to understand what it was perceiving it grew frustrated of sorts. One of the sensors kept repeating; "it is the back of your head"

A billion years ago (more or less) a race of creatures developed and evolved until they were able to transcend and their essence permeated the molecular domain. As their awareness filled space/time they realized that they were everything and began to build/manifest a world/reality of wonder and awe. As they worked they soon realized that their world would not be complete without some version of themselves within it. So they fashioned models of themselves and placed themselves into their new world. In doing so they created a great loop that they could not manage. The path of their models followed the way they had traveled and would forever do so.



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