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I had another dream last night similar in nature to the one a few nights ago.
I was near the top of a mountain. Another person who seemed a lot like Betsy but didn't look like her was taking pictures. Perhaps she was a mixture of folks. We walked up to a plateau and could see majestic peaks covered with snow. It was quite incredible and very lovely. I had already put our gear and stuff into the truck, so I had no coat on. As we began to head back, the woman stepping backwards began to slip down a slope. I scrambled to try and break her descent but was not able to do so. She was a bit shaken up but otherwise just fine. Back at the truck she was getting some fuel vouchers out to give to two fellows who had loaded their camping gear into the truck. I was curious as to why she was doing so, which prompted the fellows to remove all their stuff. I was rearranging things when the two fellows got into the cab. Before I could move, they started the truck and it began to move. The person wasn't quite inside and held on to the door and bumper as we began to ride down the hill. The ride was downright scary. They drove like crazy people. At one point nearly headed straight down a 'bottomless' ravine, only to veer at the last moment. Most of the time the truck was not on the road lol. After a bit they pulled into a house driveway. After a bit I noticed that some of the stuff was missing and realized that they had probably removed it with their things. My coat and all the camera gear and pictures were missing.
I spoke to them and they said, no problem, we'll borrow a car and go back up there to get the stuff. What seemed like hours passed and finally five of us got into a car. I was in the middle in the back seat. The woman was in the front seat. We then proceeded to drive literally in circles, going through doors of various kinds. Each opening as we approached. By then I was totally lost. After perhaps 20 doors we can to a stop in front of a door with two holes in it. The driver, his name was Roger told me to blow into one of the holes. When I did the door opened. He pulled out a strange looking, gun like thing. He then pulled the trigger and purple stuff, sort of like plastic. Reminded me of a kids toy, string in a can. It got all over me and the woman. I tried to clean it off but found it spread everywhere. Meanwhile the three guys were talking with the family that lived there. I found Roger and asked if we could get our stuff. Soon he said. Meanwhile a child with two necks and two heads walked down the hall. Roger said he was their child (the family that lived there). There was a bunch of other things... but moving on... Roger said we were ready to leave. I found the woman on top of a dresser asleep and woke her. I then walked into the living room area to find Roger but apparently he had already gone outside. When I walked into the bedroom area, no one was there. The car was originally parked in the bedroom. I looked and couldn't find the car. I walked outside and realized I was totally lost. I didn't have a clue where I was nor even which direction was which way. I began to walk the streets looking for something I might recognize. I finally came to a corner and a car of people stopped. Where am I, I asked. They looked at me in disbelief and then at each other. They gestured to an older woman who spoke to me in a language I didn't understand.
I again felt the same sort of panic of the other dream. A feeling of being lost in a world I had no sense or knowledge of.




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