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Every journey has a destination.
But if your goal is to go the farthest
Then a round trip must happen.
The farthest spot from here is back again

That seems to me is the cause of all of it
You there my friend have been to infinity and are back again
How is that possible you ask?
The thing called 'me' isn't necessarily fast
Its done with the magic of conscious thought

Scattered here and there, monuments of endeavor stand
Spots where some exclaim, this is the path to infinity land
Lest you think my thoughts insane, consider this refrain
Without perception everything is all the same
By definition this means nothing

To reach out and connect with another
We must over come the infinity challenge
You see, the me, I am, is so small
It only exists as an idea in a thought land hall
Hung like a picture on a museum wall

The curator views a picture there
Walks to the window and I swear
Tells a customer there is nothing there
You are welcome to look for yourself
As you can see the door is rather small
I doubt that even your mouth can get through
Let alone everything else

You'll have to take my word for it
There is nothing there at all
Thoughts and ideas are made bit by bit
To big to fit through the door so small

What then explain why bother to try?
Does who ordain the reasons why?
You in your thoughts in some enchanted land
Do make the day and nourish play yet to reach out
With an extended hand you discover that
There is no way out, except in thought

We live in isolation, alone with our thoughts
While happen chance and fairy tales leak out
In our moments, we feel about
Is that another or just another turn about?



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