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For many years all the world played and waited for the moment long expected and anticipated. Scenes of reality flew by the window of consciousness for centuries. Lingering moments of potential replaced by possibilities yet untried. Organizations became huge and grew to enormous proportions. Unable to move nimbly and spontaneously, they relegated their view to unmoving portals in the stream of consciousness. Alert to the signals of portend, they waited for tomorrow.

It was on one of those days when, someone realized the truth of reality. There was no present! Just signals from the evaporating embers of then. Even the light, which bathes the planet, is from the past at least eight minutes old. Living in the present was impossible! A conundrum for sure. What exactly is the now we all believe we share as the present? It happened last week or was it last century? Even it it was mere milliseconds ago, it was then and not now. Do you suppose thoughts happen now or then?

Some even suggest that we stopped living in the 'now' many years ago, choosing instead to wallow in the luxuries and decadences of the past. If there ever was a now it is not present any more. The cloud of energy surrounding the brain is like an antenna, selecting specific tracks/ideas to receive and transmit. Each of the many brains combining their perspectives into a consensus reality. All based on old and filtered information. Predicting as best they can what will occur next based upon past experiences. Perhaps even finding the now is possible using this technique however, it is an approximation and can never be fully realized. For example, I can truly predict the end of our sun in some billions of years and the destruction of our planet. The 'now' when this occurs can not be observed but the energy released can be felt and hence predicted.

So it is with humans, predicting what their bodies will do next. The brain using the nervous and muscular systems to move a finger requires substantial setup time to get the chemicals ready. This could be as long as 250 milliseconds. When the brain is prepared, the self (consciousness) is informed that it can think "move this finger". The self then believes that it has caused the finger to move. Of course, the self is relegated to viewing the past and predicting the present, dependent upon sensors and feed back loops for its existence and can not cause the finger to move. This makes us prone to accept information that is biased and even irrational. The magic of thought becomes the tool of influence. Opinion becomes the coin of the realm. Everyone seeks to be the best at predicting the now, some even claim to know facts that do not exist. We, as creatures, live out our lives in apparent isolation. Alone in our thoughts, we seek companionship and friends to distract us from ourselves. After all there is little we can do other than watch the movie called life.

In an effort to colonize future thought, we present ideas and metaphors that have persisted in some past. Sometimes we wrap them in new robes or give them new forms but ultimately most are one of a few things/ideas/thoughts that have persisted for centuries. The new ones often are represented by people who authored or disseminated the idea/thought/thing. Spontaneous colonization of thought is nearly impossible. Given sufficient resources and know how, it can be accomplished, at least on a limited scale. The pervasive and ever present communications systems in use today are potent tools for injecting thought and opinions into the collective consciousness of humanity. We all write the stories of our lives using the past to describe ourselves. We all predict the future even if only some milliseconds to come. We all are living a simulation. The only thing real is opinion and generally opinions change frequently. Those who influence attempt to create a future filled with ideas and thoughts that represent their perceptions, some even build monuments. When our sun finishes its cycle, will there be any thought? Will there be anyone to think and be influenced? Will humans even be remembered as existing? Most runs of the simulation called LIFE become very fuzzy after 2012. Perhaps we failed to inject sufficient thought into the future? Perhaps there is no future? Will the present ever come into focus once more? Had it ever really been in focus before? Humanity gets an invite to the future today. I wonder how we will get dressed for the occasion?



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