The World Ahead

The world ahead, I see me pass
Questions behind
Like a big, fat ass.
I looked for treasures
In a garbage pit
I sought after pleasures

Which felt like shit.
I swallowed my pride
Said to myself
"Son, It's not a ride".
I wanted to die
Puking out my mind.

I let the sun
Teach me to rhyme
With the changing time.
Let the energy fill
Atop the rising tide.
I felt love within me grow.

From each strand of hair, 
Lightning shines
From my eyes. Can you see the sky
From my dreams? I hear you sigh,
Welcome you to my humble slime
The glory of one I love.

Yes, Lord, even the weak
Wish your hand.
Pastures before me in motion,
The air my master.
The seas let me call.
Ask them yourself, Lord.

We don't want promotions
Lord, we want to feel you
In our hearts.
To whom it matters,
Dawn, and I have to go.
Other worlds you know.


I'll sing my song all day long.
Come it's not too late
You can learn to sing along.
The tunes not too catchy
The music's not in tune
With anything except itself.


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