The Most Friendless of Creatures

The most friendless of creatures called today
Years on the road with no place to stay.
After a while, these words it uttered
At the very least we all can relate
As sister, brother,
Father, mother, wait,

I'm having another
Sail away distant breeze,
Silvered shadows contemplate.
The wings on birds 
Was no mistake.

Help me to concentrate.
The capillaries expand
Then dilate.
Don't tell me your problems,
I can't relate.
That's what God was invented for.

Don't hold your breath
Waiting for something to happen.
Excessive love, cleaning the pot again.
(The who I am now
Will be me then)
Seedless dreaming means.

I'm the kind of man
Most people wouldn't touch
With a pole 2,000 years long.
My word, an act of God.
What's it all about
I couldn't say.

Grabbed my ass, in a special way
And God came to me.
I'll never forget that day
Was it more?
I'll never know.
The world goes on I know.

The sun who knows,
I'll never guess.
Strange how it is
Without heavens bliss.


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