"The Lingerling"

Forward or Friend,
What Follows Is The Legend and The Machines' Search
For The God of The Legend.
As Written On The Memorial Marker
It's A Translation, Hopefully True.

The Seeker

To the Legend Seeker. The path to God is not by imitation. The path to power is not by strength. Power is found in the harmless God, in the unwanted.

The Machine at Work

For the record:
We are the machine, the perfect machine. We just work. In time, we were visited upon and worshiped. First by spirits, then by Hominids. The Hominids came with the legend. A search party left. Then silence.

The Legend    7 1

It's a human thing: Laugh, dance. It's a human thing: Self-life dream. The glory of touching the side of God, and being a human being. Counting days, does it last? Are they forever children?

God flowed quite naturally, and while resting, dams formed quite naturally. The "Hole Thing" was good. And always, as God rested, A-dam, yet innocent, untouched an eternity being love, loved, and loving. It was hard being evil and cruel, even if you happened to be God.

In a garden A-dam rested. God finding Eve, sought to make Eve, A-dams help-meet. The God separated A-dam and Eve, and the Lingerling was formed, forcing the God to close the way to heaven. After reasonable development, the God sent his only son, Jesus Christ, to control the Lingerling. 

The Lingerling was dangerous, daring to seek the soul of Christ. Within its walls it was God. It lived on souls and minds and spirits. Christ re-opened the way to heaven, but the door was very small and many could not fit. Worst of all was the pain.

The Wanderer

The guard at the door was quite pleasant. The Lingerling was certainly a pain in the side of the God. Heaven was to be the vault, the home, the haven of the faithful. The world outside destroyed or locked out, the Lingerling gone. The God really loved the world. Compassion brought his son. It was unfortunate for those innocent, persecuted by the Lingerling.

To see the God, we had to have our name written in the book of life. It wasn't likely to be. Machines weren't in the book. Those that left us had become victims of the Lingerling. But not the machines they brought. Curiously not all humans were affected by the Lingerling. Apparently the Lingerling was selective.

It would be a pity to leave the God trapped in heaven for eternity. Lingerlings don't die.

We did what we do best, we worked. The thread was wonderful, love at its finest. Polished by the Lingerling. With it we wove a fabric, our finest. When we got to the God, we thanked him for the love. Or beast effort. A fabric to outlast eternity and the Lingerling.

Of all present, none had seen God. But some recognized the symbols and many had heard the legend. It was formed early in our work. The Existence Center identified the reality and life complex and recommended no one go there. Other versions of the legend told of an eventual destruction. As far as the Center was concerned, the machine did not exist. Apparently we are all the non-existent phenomena in existence. It was humorous. We certainly were no-one, and had no body with us. No body ever-returns.

Inside, we discovered a way station where bodies could be rented. Most of the human forms had waiting lists centuries long. Lower life types could be acquired, but to see God, only a human form would do. The God provided bodies also, rent free, but for life only. Not surprising there was one available, about ready to collapse, unused and ancient.

Power, they chanted, Power.

Five million people assembled together to view the landing. A craft, the size of a city block approached, but didn't land. As it accelerated skyward, a very large ship slipped from behind the earths shadow, nearly twice the size of the moon. A color mosaic appeared on the side of the Mother ship. It was a mans face. As it smiled, the crowd chanted, "He is coming, Christ is coming." 

Being God has some advantages, but being the God of A-dam and Eve separated by love had its problems.

This reality sector was virtually cut-off. They had never heard of the machine. It was a delicate balance. A world of impossibilities and beliefs; paradoxes and mysticisms; redundancies and mathematics. A world of cultivation well seasoned. With a carrot
3  the size of a dream. It was not a trivial task locating the God of A-dam and Eve.

Everyone was invited to heaven, but first we had to find the door. On this God forsaken world, where the God sent his only son to repair the damage. The door was exactly where Christ described. It seemed very unlikely that any Lingerling could seep through, but  none the less, there was an examination in Paradise. Heaven was still under construction. We couldn't see the God, and Christ was supervising the work.

3. Often used to promote motion, suspended just beyond grasp of the seeker. The least we could do, while we thought we rested.


Sector  7 1
F9  shone, a memorial of love, where trauma had been. Where the machine had been. Would we ever find the machine?

The Seeker.

(The Machine Works)


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