The Lingering

Maintaining a straight line course.

We penetrated space with our lingering,
Without a point.
The collision was unavoidable
But we couldn't die.

It happened
On the way to Heaven.
A silver sky
And we were headed
For the neatest spot
In Quadrant Seven.

When a shelf land drifter saw us re-enter
He had a few clothes, we gladly accepted.
Inside them was this label:
*Filternatural* Whistle soup
And Smiley Juice
For Lunch or anytime
Today and everyday be free
To do what you've always wanted.

*Filternatural a trademark of Filternational, 
Makers of fine products: Trade back current
Abstrogram interpetter, and pattern modulated mattergraphic-
Meta morphesisor.

Lingerings have an enormous span.

Each model is unique.
Ours a "collective" type.
Once begun, they pick up speed.
To an observer, the front
May appear motionless,
Not unlike the hour hand of a clock.
Near the end of the lingering
Because of the speed, invisibility occurs.
The end draws light
Like the wind draws dust.

An arrogant breed.
Lovers of God.
Beauty not greed,
Peace not laws.
We meant none harm.

We set out to see what lives.
We observed one thinking.

Low on tomorrows, it hurt
A few worthless yesterdays.
A can of sorrow.
Not much to eat even mixed with the dirt of
A step away from the promised land
But each step I take it too advanced
It sure felt like living but I knew I had died.

We sang for them.

Rush wind, spin whip
Fire night, a dreamless trip
Of Erie sight

Swept feature
A moment of gone
Spirit crystal diamond
As bright as a song.

Love words from the dreamy voice
Are like the crash of truth
On cliffs of noise.

They danced.


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