The Only Children: A Story of Love
The Fool and Idiot Meet

He had a job to do. And he did it as best he could. He worked hard and long, but it was good work. Fulfilling. Satisfying. He grew. Life was his and he gave it a name, all for the sake of God. He loved everything he saw. The stream gurgled and sang. T'was music he heard. Love was simply wonder-full. He wasn't told to work. He wanted to.

As his skills improved, the tasks became more difficult, bordering at times on being impossible. He succeeded, and it was good, a very Holy good. While working one day, a glimmer of something caught his eye. A treasure. "Worthless", declared Life. He cried. He found many treasures in his existence He carried them lovingly close to his heart. He and his treasures were never far apart. 

He loved the stream, and often sat on its bank, carefully inspecting each treasure. Each held a memory. He rearranged them for the Nth time.

He loved dreaming. He followed the stream and talked about his love, his dream. Many times had he met her in his dreams. He loved her like the river, an ever-friend. And his treasure, pieces of God.

He was looking for God to return these lost treasures. He was glad to seek Gods judgment on his intended gift. Before him stood a dam. His stream a trickle. As tall as the mountains, the wall loomed miles into the air. Surely the journeys end can't be far. It was centuries, before this hard working determined soul realized his journey might never end. The dam stands just as high. And it is so hard to say.

He's been walking on the bottom of the bottom wall of the dam. He would have journeyed forever had it not been for his need to rest. And........then one dark morning, he greeted the stream and heard her crying. She turned to face him. When she looked, he nearly blacked out. The only light he saw came from her eyes. he gasped, tried hard to swallow. Too dumb to speak, he wanted to touch her, to love her. He felt closer to her than anything before. He knew she was good. God smiled.

She was a princess. He was the village idiot, the fool on the hill, a real nowhere man. He felt embarrassed, the attention she paid him. Except for their eyes (I's). They were alike. He wanted to tell her, of his love, of his dreams. Instead, he ran to hide. Her eyes found him, no matter where he hid. She cried. My Prince, the Son of God, gave me these gifts, a treasure no life could give. She touched her heart. Remembering the ridicule, the hurt, yet how strong her faith. She believed her gifts, a promise from a Prince, an only child, with very few friends.

He remembered himself, the ridicule and pain, for while he called them treasures, pieces of God, the world called them worthless bits of clay and glass.

She was a princess living among slobs. He must have been a worm, yet still he loved his treasure.

He held out his hand to touch hers, trembling in his heart. He found that she was blind. He put his treasure in a pocket close to her heart. An explosion of light filled the space. He and she were one like nothing had ever been. The wall and dam crumbled before the waves of love. he and she were bound forever, with only god between them.

Not all journeys start.

Nor all journeys end. Tis love that built the heart, an ark of God.

With Love,
A Friend

May God Bless Your Journey As Well


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