The Rock Group You've Seen
Never Heard

I'd like you to meet the band.

We've been playing together
Quite a few years
We each know our instrument
The licks and verse

We haven't made big time
Guess we never will
The joys in playing, making rhyme
Even gutter swill

The "End Is Near" wasn't the hit 
The producer hoped....
That was when God finally died
Years unable to cope

We'd love to play in your town
The drama re-call
A once in a life time experience
Meet summer and fall

We'd love to perform again
But the acts getting old
Though the spirits still with us
Gods belongings were sold

The good old days are come and gone
Them all sadly mist
(Though you may think the spelling wrong.
Think the grammar is?)
The classics display up and down like
The storybook hits

Sets dusty with yellow sun seed
Sounds getting slow
Spells and brews still skilling like weed
Music's all we know


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