My Body Longs For A Teacher

My body longs for a teacher, like the one that taught my mind, for only then shall I complete this journey of mine. I became life so I might experience this. 

My spirit is of God, and it has guided me to this world, 
to this time, to this place.

My body does not have the skill to select a teacher, 
for it finds all bodies far advanced.

My spirit has given some rules: 

The teacher will be able to touch me. In my mind.

The teacher will be female, and will know my heart.

The teacher will expect me, and will know how I am to be taught.

The teacher will love me as I love life and this world. No more, no less.

In my life are many dreams, yet I cannot tell them apart, for as keen as my vision may be, it cannot evaluate, for values are experience, and I am only now learning how to feel. I do not trust this world as I cannot determine good from bad, right from wrong.

I am only now beginning to learn.

I am a servant to life and seek no position of power. I am a slave to love and do not question what love has me do. I am truth and can never be less. It's word that I am not.

I am afraid not afraid of anything, except perhaps myself, for although I know all of life, I feel lost in myself.

I want all of this life to be all it can be.


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