It Came To Pass

Words as these read once by those who care.
I wonder, are dreams as these of a forgotten time?
Are people such as these damned? Doubt finds hope to get along. We find life.
It came to pass, in those days
As the last generation of man
Danced upon the doorstep of heaven
A man born, torn, sworn to life.
In his twentieth year he met his first 
everyday child/woman

They started to fall back again
Into small, nothing at all,
As they saw it.
Enchantress. Wizard God. Night
Come to rest, stopping the fall.
They left the rest spell bound.
They, two as one sought
The one that held the crown of joining
To Eden where no man might go
They were of alien shores
Having never heard of God
Two human hosts.
We heard them crying. We two have cried.
In exchange, we clean their souls and robes


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