How Much Longer?

She came from another world
To live beside me
With silken hair
And gentle ways.
I let my life grow 'round her.

In ancient days
We met at fountains of life
And fell with laughter all too often.
A whispered kiss
Each century or two
Drew us together.

Strange friends were we
As unlikely as dreams.
Today we meet
In sleepy hallows,
By the stream of days
In the fall of fallow.

We speak in logic
Over pictures shared
Building castles of thought
With the people there.
Once I sought the maiden fair.
Forever in love.

From the beginning paired.
The world of now.
Dance, the song of many,
By an ancient creek, near empty,
We watch the last drops of light disappear.
We laugh once again,

And share
Tomorrow might look
In the least likely places.
In the eyes of lovers
In children's faces.

Forever, before, we meet.
The dancers take all
Their places.
To those who seek
You have found us.
Let our love surround us.


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