God Doesn't Need Help

Once upon a time, there was a young boy who truly loved God with all his might. About to become a man, he tasted the world and forever gave it up for a life of God. His wish to be as Christ would be to act as Christ would act, to be whatever God would have him be.

That choice, you make just once, cost him his life. Seems the more sure you are, the quicker things happen. Or, as someone said, the good die young.  But the body, still useable, an empty shell, a perfect home, a base from which to work, to finish the job started so long ago.

This one fit the specifications. That's how it seemed. Then all hell broke loose. Seven years, an animal at best, wild, rough. No matter what you're told, it's impossible to experience life for the first time and not forget whatever it is you can't remember.

Slowly the body became accustomed to the new rider. Now, the mind could be trained. The words were strange at first. Truly this body had the proper background within a few months. This man began to change, as his mind was stretched. His, free of the aberrations typical of his kind.

The last twenty years spent on training. The arts and crafts, those things eternal. He wonders who or what he is. In his dreams he'd cry out in the loneliness. His God silent. He had to find his own way. God doesn't need help. I explained I am the companion.

For years he didn't know. He sometimes had visions. Another world, a home. He doesn't want to accept it yet. He must've guessed. After all, there are just too many coincidences. Still, he wants to be sure. The body has learned also, and now possesses tools and knowledge too. Alien tools, like mine.

That was a few years ago. I had to leave him. He would have to complete the journey now, on his own. I did all I could. Now, I suppose you could say, "That's how the story goes. What he will do he will do." That's true, unless he happens to be like you and most humans, not ever absolutely sure. Which, by the way, is why I had to leave. You see, he has to decide, on his own. God doesn't need help.



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