Back Then Being There

Things were strange way back when. 
Though the sun shone warm, 
It was lonely 
Without a friend. 

Like a ride on a merry -go-
Round and round 
went the events of my life, 
People and sounds.
And like the leaves on a tree 
In a brisk summers' wind 
The feelings of life
Were twisted within.

And so it went on
As I wandered about.
Surely life had a purpose
I might find out.

So I sat to ponder,
My how time flew by,
Still what's worth doing
Not knowing why

The longer I sat,
The more passed me by.
Some stopped for a chat
Only to say goodbye.

Still I sat, not knowing why.

The rush began slowing.
Would any be back?
No way of knowing
It was hard, but I sat.

Those who came by
Stayed longer to talk,
They urged me to leave
Just a short walk.

Still I sat.

In some I felt friendship
My loneliness cried
It's been long that I've sat here.
Here I might die.

But should I go on, not knowing why?

One spoke of roses
A beautiful dream
And blackberries so sweet
Round a garden so green.

He spoke of a choice
Entirely mine.
Eternal potential, on immediate all.
Cultivation, or wacking down the vine.

The thorns were
The gardens protection
The roses are someones dream.
"Maybe mine"
 I said,

But he was gone.

Another stopped
Who spoke of the sea
She said it was dark and deep,
"Like me" I said

But she was gone.

A spirit came
With a fiery torch.
For the first time
Could I see.

I sat surrounded
By roses and
No sign of a garden or sea.

The spirit alas
Could not speak
But stayed with the
Light of truth.

Would anyone ever come back?

Still, I sat.

On the ground was a marker
With a very old plaque.
"Motes of dust become
Works of art when held together with water."

I now knew why
But could no longer move.
They would never be back.
I started to cry cause I loved them all.

'Til my last breath was gone.

If spirits could speak
What might they say?
For where the old man sat,
Sits his memory today.

His tears formed the sea,
And brought the garden to life.
The man and woman back
And buried his remains.

On the rock where he sat
They found these words,

"Because of the daisy, the cat, the dog.
Because of summer, spring and fall.
Because the sun gives light to all.
Because it all is living life,
And because roses and blackberries
Grow so easily."

He cried so that we might live.
He cried because of our rush.
We never sat long enough to see anything at all,
Never knowing why.


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