Am I Wasting My Life?

Am I wasting my life away?
I like music,

The kind that touches my soul.
I like art,
The kind that seem to flow.
I like dreaming.

Spending my money.
Move that chair,

Clear the floor.
Some of the rock and roll music
The kind you never heard before
Is gonna tear your soul apart.

I feel the rivers of blood
Caress my body.
I feel the rush of life
Through my pores.
The flowers of time growing
On fields of minds.

Like a shadow, Death plays a hand.
Cheatings okay. Just don't get caught.
Life's a liberty, a chance to get together.
Cultivating a smile, sure to last forever.
The essence of us all disturbs a lot.

The spell of immortality wears,
Torn in spots.

The wise are silent, children point.
The web of confusion
Spans the sea of thought.


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