A Lingering In Every Legend

They try to make you mad. Petty at first, 
Then downright unpleasant.

While sipping on wine made of laughter
Who said,
"Confusion is the art
Of walking on matter"?

In my dreams where nothing mattered
I grew a fondness deep.
With the last bit of spores well scattered
I finally went to sleep.

I searched my soul for an answer,
But needed a light to see.
Beneath the feet of the Dancer
Sparked the sea of Life seed.

Breathe deep spirit Soul.
The air is sweet.
Greet life and know,
Spirit Soul.

Walking my mind one day
I came upon a box that clearly said 
"Stay Away".
I closed my eyes, cleared my head.

It happens alot.
Memories of another home
A place not far.
Just out of reach.

Some live to love,
To feel the morning light,
Brushing trees.
Some live to scale the peaks
That others seldom see.

There were bodies lying everywhere
But no signs of decay.
They might have gone to Heaven
But that was hard to say.

In the darkness all lay equal.
The dreamer, the pauper and king.
The thrill of death moves us all.

There were stories then
Of how a Lingering
Caused this world.

Over the years, many things changed.
We all got older, our lives arranged
With old friends to talk about
And new friends to meet.
Our pockets full of memories
Loves, tender and sweet.
A few more steps to the setting sun
Then with eyes closed we leap one by one.

Ageless like the games
The spirit wishes,
The mind dreams,
The bodies work,
While molecules play.
It could be no other way
Another might cry.

River bottom valley
Flower encrusted
A tangle of beauty
Like old friends trusted.

A few knew us
But none more than our name.
Though we laughed and danced just like them,
Our dreams were not the same

The curve.
A mountain wall.
The rear wheels spun.
It was hopeless.
A few more seconds.
Our powers useless.
A Lingering
Before they jump.

Dripping lightly, I strained to see.

The night stuck like autumn stickers.
The skin felt like flesh.
I was alive again. (It figures) 


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