If You Live Long Enough, You're Bound to Die, 
You Can Only Stay in Paradise For So Long

How will I know when I'm dieing? 
What's it like? 
Tired of trying, no drive to survive
The world I love waiting for me
Coarse feeling rough
Just to be free.

No Friends, Just Pretends
Darkness my word,
Silence the way,
People just herd
Flocking the day
Aimless and nameless.

My secrets gone,
Starting to leak
Life forcing strong
Afraid to speak
Dull sense this non cents
It started sometime.
Just a few moments 

To enjoy the sublime
Quietly staring,
The light escaping it's eyes
Lit up the other-side
A dream of companionship.

God-gloss spun fine
It nurtured the precious thought
The pounding of its heart
Like waves against the shore
The rush of its blood
Screaming for life untried.

Tears of love, like a stream
Flowed from deep inside
A hidden source of strength
The all-knowing masked 
In the guise of discovery
Simple ideas sincerely ideal.

Growing questions of how and why
Give rise to numerous answers parading
Themselves for inspection and acceptance
Unafraid to lose
At the fork in the road
Only blindness could choose

The path to follow
A child ( my favorite )
Sitting crying
Having lost its way
Beneath the sky, a riot of color
Between the questions and answers

I read its life.
The wind did howl and the world
Creaked as I lifted the child
To my knees, to see more closely
Why the child looked so much 
Like me.

The sky opened, dropping shards of grace
Wiping the tears off the child's face
The earth shuddered
It was easy to believe the child was me
Hand in hand we walked the path
Through many Lands. 

The child grew older

Than I ever thought I would
A father to me
Holding me in its arms,
Its eyes

Penetrating deep into my  soul.

I slowly began to realize the longer
We embraced the more I hurt, knowing
It too must die
Had it modeled its life after mine?
Very old now, I carried it, like
I once had as a child.

Its final request was to be taken to the
Spot where we met
As life ebbed from its frail and ancient
Form, it seemed to grow lighter. Near the
Fork in the road as best I recalled the spot
A sight quite unreal met my eyes.

A head stone surrounded by flowers
Angels of the Earth sang praises to the
One buried there. As I drew closer the
Form in my arms had all but disappeared
Was it my imagination or just my fears

On the headstone the few words sent

A chill up my spine. 
"Here rests the Spirit of God Divine"
The End 


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