A Simple Story About A Universe

The initial cause is not described in this story and this story makes no assumptions about a creator. A universe developed complex chemical reactions that 'appeared' to act independently. These independent reactions spawned other independent chemical reactions. As this progressed forms became 'stable' (obviously this is true only with a finite context). These forms began to 'think' in thinking new types of chemistry were developed. (Developed in this story could be random associations of atomic material, as contrasted with purposeful associations). These forms developed constructs that were 'permanent'. Math was one of these. The permanence of this (and others) became 'seeds/rudiments' of this universe. The 'intelligence' (in human terms) of life-forms happened many millions of years ago in this universe. This intelligence/perception permitted the life-forms to explore regions of space/time not accessible to atomic/chemical matter. As these regions were explored access to them was more available. The early forms of intelligence had values systems that would be considered inhuman by us. Chemistry is just chemistry and there could not be a value like morality. Values would have been expressed in terms of efficient, practical. humanoid forms that developed during this time frame would appear as ruthless and uncaring from our perspective. This did not prevent them from becoming more intelligent and pervasive in their influence. In this universe an accident (random?) happened. The idea of "GOD/your label here" was generated/created. This (if persistent) concept is part of the human story. The beings (from whom we descend) continue to permeate this universe. They exist in domains/regions that humans call spiritual/mystic. The popular 'aliens' discussed in news groups are not these beings. Rather they are similar to us in that they exist as forms and like us they exist in this time/space domain. We are now here.

Another story

I have 'traveled' back in time to the beginning of this universe and others. This 'traveling' (perhaps a vision) is accomplished by using my DNA as a starting point/map. At the molecular level I can then travel to the place of 'all' molecules. From there I move to the atomic/sub-atomic domain. Eventually I end up as "GOD stuff". This journey is not particularly useful and history does not describe 'now' very well. I have also 'traveled' to the region/domains of the beings mentioned above. I call their location 'level 20' (I experience domain changes 20 times before I get there). It is an interesting place and I have written (but not published) my experiences there. The beings that I met there called themselves 'GOD'. This is awkward to say in words as there were many forms/beings but only one thing. They spoke to me as though I was 'less' or 'not them'. This of course caused me to 'test' my model and in doing so I realized that although these beings could 'create a universe' they were certainly made of the same stuff as am I. I have since then traveled beyond 'level 20' and at some point (level 25?) my human based consciousness stopped. As we travel through these domains time dilation becomes increasingly pronounced. Perhaps my human conscious can not 'exist' in 'near no time' domains.


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