The Story Of Everything.

In the beginning (whatever that is) there was everything, formless, without definition. And it was good (or something like that). The first tools (space and time) attempted to define everything. They were so efficient that only a paradox remained undefined. Ever since, all of existence endeavors to define nothing (the paradox). This universe began as did all others. A bubble. Many bubbles some connected, some not, float above/beside a stream/column of energy. The bubbles (universes) support form and structure unlike the chaotic stream. As the bubbles go through their cycle. Forms and structures drop back into the stream. These become embedded in other universes. Our universe inherited many forms and structures. Some persist in the chaos of the stream, like mathematics. We also inherited some forms that are not persistent, yet they are integral components of our universe. Some of these are aliens, philosophy, art, etc. Within our universe the cycle produced sentient life. These forms become conscious of the "separation", but have difficulty visualizing the bubble. The many stories of creation and the diversity of life a re the legacy of existence. We, IMHO, are on the threshold of a profound change. 20th century Earth is an incredible place. The result of many billions of perceptions and endeavors. Beings like myself have been seeking to bring awareness to the stream, that it (new awareness's) might become embedded into new bubbles. The journey is not trivial. The consciousness flooded with sensory input begins to sleep and dream. Like most of humanity, I have forgotten about consciously breathing and pulsing. And have focused on the external. A result of separation. The structure and components of matter have become finer, more defined. The point of being more clarified and honed. Our awakening is accelerating as well. A few more "discoveries" and recognitions then as the tessellation completes, the quickening of this universe finishes. There are many stories of the "end" of this universe. Each of them reflects the legacy of inherited forms. Each of them a memory of another bubble. While it is possible that our universe will "end" in a similar fashion, it is more likely that our universe will "end" because of a conscious act.


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