How I met the Three

Over the years of my life, I have taken quests and journeys. Explorations of space, time, consciousness, perceptions and phenomena like life, light and quantum mechanics. By the time I was twenty I had formulated an outline and structure that easily and clearly described the effect and methodologies associated with the manifestation of matter in a space time continuum. Very early in life I felt it necessary that any views or perceptions I contained must be of myself. I did not want to follow, re-build, nor embellish a reality of another. All I began with was myself. I had no spiritual mentor, for that is the way I choose. To know myself, rather than hope to be like any other, no matter how grand their life may seem.

One day I noticed out of the side of my eye a creature as real and alive a myself. It was a bit shorter than me, about 4 and a half feet tall. It had brown hair all over, even its face was covered, although shorter than the hair on its arms and legs. I have always thought of it a a He but it could have been a female. In less than a second he smiled at me, my expression revealed my awareness I am sure, then he ran into the kitchen faster and faster becoming smaller and smaller and seemingly millions of miles away before finally disappearing from my visual awareness. I felt a kinship and peace, probably amazement and curiosity.

Some day later, while working on my car, I sensed a presence, and turning my head, I noticed these exploding, glistening globules of light things. Roughly spherical, there were many of them, perhaps 10-15. I initially assumed they were because I had quickly turned my head. I have experienced an effect very similar sometimes after sneezing, of lifting my head. I am sure there is a medical name for it. This was different in a lot of ways. They hung around for nearly 20 minutes. And they moved like little mini ufos. Just not real fast or perhaps too fast for me to perceive. As I moved about checking tires, the followed me moving into my view as I worked. I wondered if they were curious. They were certainly sentient like the brown creature. I felt a peace and calm, wonder and joy.

One day I realized that if life/awareness/consciousness were allowed to develop, that someday that 'stuff' (creatures) would permeate the atomic domains with their sense of self. The vastness of their evolution contained somehow in this space and time. I had no name for this thing. However, I called it stuff. The stuff of which everything is made. God Stuff. I felt like a child, an infant in their experience yet knew somehow, I was much older then that.

During the past 30 years, these same three creatures have manifest in my life in many ways. Through places, people, moments of time, some might call magic, or mystic. I think of those moments as clarity. During one job, I had a friend who would join me for a cigarette at somewhat random times. We would meet, unplanned and chat about life, the universe, and everything. One day I offered him a painting. Some time later he gave me water pipe, called a bong in those days. It was about 18 inches tall. A tree trunk with a man at the base leaning against the tree. On his shoulders was another man his hands over the mans ears. The tobacco was placed into the head of the smaller man on top of the other. I was quite choked up when he gave it to me. It was the small brown creature. I excitedly told him about the experience those years before. He was like me now aware of something that we had no word for. I had given him my favorite painting. It was a silohutte of a house with a bit of light reflected in a puddle in the front. The background sky still bright. It was modeled after the house next door in the early evening. I never smoked anything in the pipe. And over the years it was lost due to the intervention of some religion.

I had tow other encounters with others that were about the brown creature. Each their story told, in detail, moments I experienced. This was without me prodding or suggesting. One said it was the spirit of Christ in another dimension.

As you might imagine, my life is quite full of wonder and awe. I sometimes see holes in the sky and sense buildings long since gone. I think I know how to read my DNA and watch the pictures of the last 10 billion years or so. I am full of myself and ideas and imaginings and inventions and wonderments. Sometimes it is difficult to differentiate, sometimes integration is difficult. Always wonder.

A few years ago, I had a really interesting dream. It was about the three creatures. I had been to their place years before but was unable to accept their perspectives in all ways. They shunned me for many years, until I had this dream. I heard a knock on my door, I opened it and there were three creatures. One held out a book and extended it towards me. I took the book into my hands. It felt strange. Alive in some ways, very supple, not rigid and stiff like books in a library. Read it I heard one of them say. Read it now.

I looked at them and promised to read it, but when I was ready. Not now. I shut the door and sat on the couch, my cigarettes and water nearby, the book still in my hands. I was about to open the book when I heard some noise outside my door. I quickly got up and opened the door. One of the three sort of rolled into the room and oozed beneath the carpet. The other two stood there. I said I would read it. Why are you still here? Please leave or I will never read it. In some ways I felt like a gnat screaming into an elephants ear hoping to make it move. However, they did leave. I couldn't help feeling that some of the ooze got left behind in the carpet.

Many years later I open the book. It was very different than any other book. I was drawn into the story, the characters, the plot, and most of all the writing. It was engaging in very personal ways. The experience elicited bliss. The kind of bliss you feel when you are finished and satisfied with your work. Knowing that new challenges await.

I read as much as I wanted before realizing what had happened. I shut the book and soon I heard a knock on the door. The three were back to get their book. I told them about my experience and said I wanted to keep the book. But gladly returned their book anyway. It wasn't really about me. Just the parts of me that are parts of them. They are part of life and this body I use is part of life. Perhaps even the domain of atoms and quarks we share. Yet I know that I am not these things, not even God Stuff. I am a form of organization closely related to chaos and strange attractors, cousins or such. to black holes. The three creatures are the god head. The place and time where and when consciousness permeates the sub atomic domain and a 'new life' arisises. All roads lead to the same spot. And they are the end of the journey of sorts. The door way between this reality and created reality. Persistence. Life isn't the journey nor the end. Life is just what happens when you are making a God. Life is a side effect, an unusual bi-product of a process that results in the manifestation of these three creatures. Religions have named them as have children and mothers. Life is because of them not because of us. We are but shadows of ideas shielded from the raw chaos by a design of structure. Suspended in a bubble of space-time. Where in Gods are formed, not unlike the formation of Stars and Black holes. Oh and me too. Life is just the moment that happened before God was made. Pretty much says it all. And being alive is the only way to touch God. At least that what is said in my book.


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