Ancient folklore and mythologies told of experiments that were undertaken before the rules and by laws of Grandeur of Design (GOD) were established. It seemed like such a frontier time, a world unafraid and inquisitive. Now the strict enforcement of Gods' laws made the exploration of life a bit mundane and rather limited.

When a call went out to investigate a remote location, mentioned in the folklore, I was excited about the possibility of finding something new and exciting. So, I volunteered as did many others. Eventually our group was selected. We were briefed and given supplies for the journey. Due to the extreme conditions of the location, we were unsure whether we would be able to maintain communication and were given several devices that could be launched if other forms of communication failed.

The devices contained a unique tape recording method. It was built based upon designs mentioned in folklore and mythologies. It had been tested and seemed to work very well. The Sophisticated Method of Archiving Records on tape, refereed to as the SMAR Tapes, led us to believe that the mythologies might have real substance and were not just stories from an ancient time.

It was the second day of Jayson that we left on our journey. Typical of any long journey, we were allowed to hibernate and so we all did. Not much happened, according to the ship log. Just the normal energy events typical of our reality. There was one anomaly however, and despite our efforts we were not able to determine its origin. Our destination site nearby, we focused on our arrival and ignored the anomaly.

Our ship was pretty typical other than the launchable devices. Any one of us was able to pilot the vessel, but I was chosen to do the landing. I wasn't sure why but accepted the challenge and anticipated the opportunity. The ship was now in position and I gently brought it to a rest in a grand valley.

Day 1 Clearly this valley was just as it had been depicted in out mythologies. Steep cliff walls on all sides, and near one large rock formation was what appeared to be technology. We hurried about and readied ourselves to explore. Direct communication with our home was indeed impossible. But the launchable devices would do just fine. We began to explore the rock formation and examine the technology. Strange symbols and markings on the equipment were indecipherable. Later that day we came across another machine located near the bottom of a small ravine. It too had markings and symbols just as unintelligible as the others. Perhaps some old folklore might have mentioned or even contained these symbols, but none of the crew knew.

We were rather excited and prepared the first tape and sent it off. We had supplies enough to last for an extended period and further exploration was planned. After a full day, we all rested.

Day 2 The next morning, we set out to discover any other artifacts. Our launch devices could not hold more than a few tapes so anything we found we stored in our ship. One of the crew members, JaySee, discovered an interesting Dome thing. We could not see inside but it certainly appeared to have been built and contained something, at least so we thought. Meanwhile another crewmember, Loucy, discovered what appeared to be a control device. Again, strange symbols next to buttons. After several buttons were tried randomly, we discovered a sequence that would alter the opacity of the dome.

What we saw inside the Dome was improbable and impossible. A glowing field of energy wells suspended above a pool of iridescent light. It was an awesome sight and beyond our imaginings and expectations. Back in the ship, we reviewed several of the old mythologies and found a reference to an experiment. We all wondered if this was it. In the same text, there was mention of a device that was used to record the process and it's outcome. The original SMAR Tape. Apparently the recording device was intelligent and self motivating. Could the machine we found in the ravine next to the Dome be the device? If so how is it activated? Or is it broken? We agreed to investigate it further after our rest. We sent off another launch device.

Day 3 JaySee and Loucy were up early and began to more thoroughly examine the machine. Loucy, discovered a panel that opened. Inside the opening were two buttons and a switch. JaySee suggested waiting until the rest of the crew was up, but Loucy began to push the buttons and flip the switch. By the time the rest of us arrived, JaySee and Loucy were gone. Absolutely no sign of them anywhere. Just their notes of what actions they had done and of course JaySee's request that they wait.

Not being sure if somehow their manipulation of the machine caused their disappearance, we were reluctant to duplicate their manipulations. The Dome appeared no different than before. And the machine still appeared non-functioning. We waited the entire day and they never returned. We set off another launch device.

Day 4 We awoke and immediately headed for the ravine. Still no sign of JaySee or Loucy. Reluctantly we decided to try the sequence that JaySee recorded. Nothing happened. at first. Then we noticed the Dome appeared to dissolve. and when two of the crewmembers approached, they appeared to dissolve and disappear. The Dome then resumed it's original state. We played with the opacity settings but could not see if anything had changed inside. We spent the rest of the day pondering what to do next. We sent off another launch device.

Day 5 We had only supplies to last a few more days. We tried to drag the machine into our ship but couldn't move it. The Dome was also unmovable. Our missing crewmembers were somehow trapped inside the Dome and leaving them seemed incomprehensible. But we were at a loss as what we might do. I spent most of the day reading the ancient stories, hoping for some clue or hint. The rest of the crew was depressed and demoralized as well. JaySee and Loucy were well respected and loved by everyone and their fate was difficult to imagine and accept. In one of the mythologies, I discovered a few lines that seemed to describe another experiment. Not much information but what I could understand, was that the experiment was abandoned. We only had one launch device left, which we delayed sending.

Day 6 We discussed our plans, we would have to leave tomorrow. With or without the Dome and the machine. We had already moved all the other technology into the ship. Some of the crew suggested staying here until another ship could be sent, but without sufficient supplies that suggestion was not viable. Other suggested another further examination of the machine. Which seemed like a good choice at the time.

We spent the rest of the day examining the machine and did discover another panel. Reluctant to just push the buttons, we drew straws and I was selected to do the button pushing. I randomly began and after the third button was manipulated, an object fell out of the machine. It looked very similar to the SMAR Tapes we were making. Not having any way to read/decode it's contents we prepared it to be sent with the final launch device. I then inserted a blank tape into the machine and surprisingly, the machine moved and lit up. But it quickly became unmovable and dark again.

The Dome dissolved and as it did the machine again became active. However, no matter what we did, we were not able to contact our missing crew members nor were we willing to get too close to the pool once covered by the Dome. We went into our ship and prepared for our departure. We also sent off the last launch device with the tape from the machine.

Day 7 One last excursion into the ravine revealed an astonishing change. The machine was gone and the pool had apparently evaporated. On the ground was the tape we had inserted into the machine and what appeared to be a note from our lost crewmembers. Scribbled in large letters was SMART ape. Certainly an error, we assumed that SMAR Tape was intended, not SMART ape. We picked up the tape and the note and departed.

Meanwhile back home they launch devices had arrived and the tapes we had sent were being examined. The tape from the machine was not easily decoded but by the time we arrived back home, it had been translated. Its contents are enclosed at the end of this paper. Upon our arrival we were immediately quarantined.

The other tape that we had inserted into the machine was of great interest to everyone. As was the note. Apparently during the decoding of the first tape something had happened. Subtle changes in our world and reality began to manifest. And even more frighteningly, the SMAR Tape appeared to have a consciousness and was reforming itself. Despite efforts to control and guaranty the SMAR Tape, the changes continued.

Many years later Of the crew only I was still alive, most of the others simply disappeared. A few though stopped functioning and appeared to be in some sort of stasis. The reality I had known, was now distant and unreal. Energy wells and fountains appeared everywhere, just like inside the Dome. And most frightening were the SMAR Tapes or rather SMART apes that seemed to be everywhere. I guess mythologies are best kept as mythologies and efforts to determine their 'realness' should be approached with caution.

Even the folklore of the past seemed different. Although it is very difficult to know for sure, so much has changed, perhaps even my memory had changed. We did discover what happened to JaySee and Loucy. After being absorbed by the Dome, they were integrated into the pool. The last tape we brought was mostly unreadable. The few bits that made any sense seemed to be all about light and some form of energy. The references to time and the original experiment did not seem to fit. I will someday understand this but now am just confused.

I suppose the original experiment was not intended to cause the chaos that seems to have erupted. And certainly was not intended to cause the loss of my friends. JaySee and Loucy would never return home but somehow I felt their essence contributed to the threads of order still visible in the chaos.

I felt it important and perhaps selfish to name the pool that was once constrained by the Dome. Maybe it was a way of remembering my friends. I called the pool Host Entity Little Light (HELL) and as it continues to fill space and time, I wondered why the original experiment was even attempted.

These notes have been carefully encoded on SMAR Tapes. One day, I feel sure that a being will arise that can make sense of the original experiment, Singularity of Infinite Nonsense, the original SIN LetTomDoIted to call it. Perhaps one day, JaySee and Loucy will reappear and be able to close the door on this phase of being

The first tape from the machine A diary of sometime before

It was my job to take notes and chronicle the endeavor. A task I reluctantly performed, after all, the information detailed some rather sensitive experiments with unfortunate outcomes. And enough step by step procedures to enable the 'unscrupulous' to complete the experiments again. As so, it is that I write the procedures and processes that were necessary to run this experiment. The Singularity of Infinite Nonsense, (SIN) also known as the God Man test.

Wasn't much there when we arrived. The natural landscape though was perfect. An incredible valley, the ideal location for the lab. Secure and isolated, it would be our home while we ran the tests. After the last accident... er, incident, we needed to be sure we would have the privacy necessary to achieve our results.

We set about setting up equipment and establishing our base. We planned to be here a while and so all the furnishings and tapestries were fabricated and installed. Our style was always impeccable, efficient and practical. We were the team, selected long ago, to test and experiment, to leave no stone un-turned. That's about when I get annoyed, why all the pep talk and gratuitous kudos from some unseen audience. We weren't exactly amateurs and why expect less than perfection in our experiments. Accidents are merely the side effect of experimentation. And since we have always conducted our tests and experiments within secure and enclosed systems, the chance of any negative impact is estimated at less than once in 14 billion years. A rather healthy margin of safety.

The last experiment led us to believe that we might be able to modify the underlying structure by inserting a sort of placeholder into the neural foundation. This particular placeholder was designed to facilitate abstraction. A many to one mapping machine. It seemed so incredibly simple, why hadn't we tried this before. Everyone looked at me, I apparently was supposed to spontaneously derive that from the notes, I'd been taking. I must have missed it somehow. That should have been my first clue that something seriously was 'amiss'. I passed it off as laziness on my part.

Day 1 We spent the whole day discussing. Where previously had been only blank white pages, now, dark areas brought out meaning in the light. The plans and procedures were fixed. Day 2 We spent all day building the containment vessel. The effort was exhausting but fruitful. Day 3 We began to differentiate the environment within the vessel. Proper application of energy wells and fountains distributed and organized the solution. Day 4 We discovered a way to accelerate the process. Differentiation went from step by step, to a constant flow. We clearly had an event full experiment going. Day 5 We were now able to produce forms and animate them based upon situations and environments. The most promising results we anticipated would follow the developing skills in manipulation. Day 6 The crew was growing fatigued, we have been going non-stop for days and we needed to rest. A caution was raised about continuing without proper down time. As a group, we felt the risk of accident low, and after today's work, we could easily rest. As with most experiments, the vessel or the contents determine the length of time available to do the tests. Sometimes the vessel will begin to leak , requiring that the experiment conclude. Sometimes, the contents will only remain in solution for a few hours or days, necessitating how long the experiment could proceed with meaningful results. Cleanly, the contents were the sensitive control of this experiment. We finished our work for the day and after determining the systems all go, the vessel secure, and the contents reacting appropriately, we set the system into a sort of hibernation. Day 7 We checked the system this morning and all was well. The hibernation was sustaining and we felt comfortable taking our rest. Everyone, except me that is. I was expected to watch and observe the experiment while they rested.

I was doing my usual solitaire pastime, sort of a game of chance played with energy patterns.

Day 98 I awakened the crew. The experiment was ready for evaluation and it was time to finish. The vessel was awash with motion and structures, a very good sign. We calibrated the test equipment and began our probing. I guess I should have noticed the small trickle of material that was leaking out of the vessel but was far too bored (or under stimulated). One of the crewmembers had slipped and noticed the hole in the vessel. That's when all hell broke out (figuratively speaking). The trickle of stuff had flowed down a slight embankment and had collected in a pool. I was told to contain the pool and because of its toxicity, no one else was permitted in the area. Meanwhile, I updated the entire experiment using the SMAR process. The Sophisticated Method of Archiving Records on tape, often refereed to as the SMAR Tapes

Day 99 It was clear now that we would have to leave the site. All attempts to contain the pool had failed and the crew was in danger of being contaminated. Without even a good-bye they departed and left me to watch and record anything that might happen.

Day 200 My power source was being drained and I cannot recharge myself. Carefully and completely, I built an energy dome around the pool. I knew it would only be temporary but perhaps it would suffice long enough for the experiment to dissipate.

Day 201 I put myself into standby mode and waited.

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