The Gift

It was meant to be a gift, a toy of sorts.

It was made over eons and crafted by the hands and love of many. All the 'makers' gave of themselves and this 'gift' was their offering to life. The gift would forever change the world and the lives of all who received it. And it was time to bestow the gift once again. The selection process was quite involved and the nature of the gift prevented it from being returned or transferred. And only one gift could be given at any time. It didn't look like much though and rather small and insignificant.

In the shadows, lived a small animal that was different than most animals. Very clever and smart, the animal, clearly could think and recognize its own presence and effect within/upon the reality. Of all life this creature was choosen to receive the gift. No grand ceremony would happen, nor would there be any celebration. For the gift was sacred and full of love. The animal would never be the same however.

It was my honor to bestow the gift. With great reverence and joy I began the ritual, only to realize years later what I had done. The animal was prepared and with a few utterances, the gift was bestowed. I liked to watch the reaction and the awe that accompanied the gift and the animal began to show the 'classic' signs. Everything was normal except for the eyes of the animal. Instead of emitting light their eyes began to 'absorb' light. And darkness surrounded the animal. I was a bit disturbed but quickly became frightened.

The shadows where the animal lived were now as black as coal. Even the open areas were becoming darker. I wondered about what was happening and realized that it was impossible to retrieve the gift. What ever might happen, would. I had planned to stay and observe the animal as it explored and opened the gift. But now, I wasn't so sure that was in my best interests. The animal could clearly see me and it's eyes drilled through me as though I wasn't there. It was down right scary.

I turned to leave and noticed that my ship was no longer there. There was no trace of my ship anywhere that I could see. Without my craft I would not be able to return. I began to panic. This place would not be known nor visited. It was always done that way. A secret that only the giver would know. Only the giver might share. It looked like I was going to be here a very long time.

The animals had surrounded me and were intent upon keeping me that way. All my provisions were on the ship and all I had with me were just my cloak, my staff, and my temporary form. I was alone and terrified. All my training, my life had never prepared me for this, I had no one to ask, to turn to, for help. All the while, the animals watched my private horror unfold. It seemed as though they somehow knew my panic, my fear. Could they also know that this temporary form I am using will dissolve, leaving me exposed and likely to perish ?

As I moved, they moved also. Providing me a bit of security in that they did not close in. It was still very frightening and made me very uneasy. Especially the way that they looked at me. Then, one of the animals approached me. I had no where to go and resigned myslef to my own demise. It did not attack me and instead sat down about 3 ft in front of me. It wrote with a stick hese words. "Once my other and I sought to be one, and the other vanished" "Then my other and I sought to gaze upon each other and God came between us" "Now my other and I stand beside one another with nothing between us and God to surround us"

I was amazed by the intelligence and wisdom these animals possessed. I was still very frightened and had not over come my panic. Then I heard the voice, I am still not sure who or what spoke but the words will forever remain with me. "We thank you for your kindness, and we regret the loss of your ship" "We offer to your our world and a form that you might use while here" I was startled and looked around. Where the animal had written the words I saw a child Not unlike the animals but certainly different. "This is our gift to you, please accept it with our love". I wasn't exactly sure what to do. I sat down and held the animal-child-thing. It's eyes glowed and in its heart burned a star. The gift, somehow, the animals had given the gift to this child. I was alone now, the animals had all left for the shadows and only the child and I remained.

I cared for the child and watched it grow in height and stature. I felt myself very protective of the child and afraid for it. But, as time passed I grew older and the child grew more independent. I never again saw the animals and suspect that they may have vanished as did my ship. As my 'life' grew shorter, I paused my despair and hopelessness, I put aside my longing to go home and I opened my heart to this world and all of its life. Inside I heard a small voice call me by name. Thank you so very much for caring about life. I looked around but there was only me, the child now grown.

Dear me, one day you will know of the gift and why I came here. Through you I have lived all this life and now as I prepare to rest I realize that, you are the 'me' I never knew existed. Know that you are loved and honored by creation. It is through you that life finds the answers that swallow all questions. I am just the messenger for the gift of 'me'. How awe'd to find myself within the gift. How wonder full to be able to laugh and dance as 'me'


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