The City

I grew up in a very small town near the edge. Something was always happening there, usually a bit awe'd but never ordinary. Of course, I had no way of knowing how awe'd things really were. I guess growing up there made things seem common place.

Eventually, I grew up and wanted to see the world. So I packed my things and headed out for the big city. Just a few things to bring, mostly my dreams and my favorite stone.

The folks in town suggested I go west, toward the setting sun. The east they said was for beginnings, and folks like me were better off with endings. I thought long and hard about that and realized far enough west was east. It was going to be an interesting journey. I decided to find the place where east and west were the same. Then the beginning and ending would happen at the same time. After walking in circles for a number of years, I came across the city. Funny that I hadn't noticed it before.

I looked for a room, a place to call my home. The city was huge and amid the crowds of buildings and people, I saw a quaint little place that was abandoned. It was in need of repair, so the owner offered it to me for real cheap. Got a long lease as well. Wouldn't have to move again for many years. I set about arranging the place, fixed the windows and re-hung the door. Even fixed the roof and patched the floor. I was surprised on how long it took, but was proud of my effort.

I was so busy working that I didn't see what was happening around me Lots of things had changed in the few years it took to get the place in order. It was time to look for a job, something to do for a living. I wanted to explore and discover so I looked for a job in a field that was new and growing. I helped clear the ground and assisted in the building of the sub-standard structures that would support the fruit and flowers now planted. I was good at my job, very good and in time was allowed more and more responsibility.

I made some friends but didn't know at the time that they were just animals. Funny that, I really still have difficulty believing that. They seemed so advanced. I guess, it was my small town upbringing. The locals laughed at my 'confusion' and even marked my home. It took me many years before I was able to understand what they had written there. They had written. This is the home of an odd person. I thought they had misspelled awe'd.

The years passed and my job changed, I was still called on to do the messy work that no-one else wanted to do. I eventually figured that out, but for so long I thought I was important and wanted for my skills and talents. Having once again cleaned out the drain and moved the cables, I sat to rest and wondered if this was east or west. My home was my haven, yet I was alone there for most of the time, sure I had visitors now and then but only those I invited, no one seemed interested in asking to come over and spend their time with me. And those who seemed interested, excused themselves, as soon as they discovered where I lived.

My lease is nearly up now, and I still haven't haven't determined whether this city is east or west. I sorta think it's actually somewhere between the two. There doesn't seem to be any beginnings nor endings here. Just stuff in process. I looked around for another home but can't seem to justify the costs associated with living here in the city. Especially after having lived in this wonderful, but antiquated house. I asked about another lease, but the owner wants to tear it down and build a prison. Seems like there's good potential and probably money in that.

I don't regret the time and energy I spent making the place livable and really it was a great place for me all these years. Sure, it wasn't as nice as some of the other places I visited. But it was/is my home and, well, I never felt cheated by the cost. The small town I grew up in is long gone. Sadly, I wasn't able to return very often during the years and I guess I should have realized that it would be torn down to make room for another city. I'll miss the town and my home, but never-the-less I am getting anxious now to move on.

I packed my things yesterday, still have my stone. Not really much stuff otherwise. I headed out and looked at both horizons If I go far enough east, I'll be west. And if I go too far west I'll be east. Such a hard choice to have to make. Behind me the city lights sparkled and glistened in the twilight. Over head I saw the stars twinkling. I closed my eyes and headed in. The surface of reality above me, churned. Sending waves of change upon the sandy shore of life. I wondered about existence for just a bit. while the electrons did their dance. Come visit me sometime if you are so inclined. The path is a bit grown over and may be hard to find. But I know if you get here you can be sure of having a very awe'd time.

I still think the animals are more advanced than they think


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