Incredible Journeys Never Begin

Truly me, yup! truly me
The explorer
The wandering wonderer
The name sayer
Just the two, you and me
Even if me sometimes aren't me-self
You are still you, unless you're being
Me and I'm you
Who says were not lost again
We're not even sure what we are
Streams to follow, Ideas to explore
A celebration
Before us
An Architect, Builder, Gardener
Blessed this splendid moment
These forms with which to play
Like children we are
Ever stretching, ever forward
( an aside: there's no future in now )
Ever tempting Eternity's grace
It was a splendid place, this here and now
We named it heaven
Beyond lay the garden, paradise
Its many toys and wonderful plants
Brought tears of joy, such awesome glory
for us to enjoy
( Being blissed-out is natural, never realizing the impossible )
I'm not really sure how to write this part
So, we'll just have to do it together
Flowers for the table and the rest of paradise
Willing to move in. It would have become a stable
You and me amused, but.....
You've always encouraged me to explore and as might be expected
I found something unspeakable, right here in paradise
The secret of creation, the secrets used to build this place
And it was awesome
A kind of king pin that held everything together.
We named it God. Of course
Through interface
Gentle waves
In and out
Rhythms of bliss
We discovered ourselves
Here and
Now we seek each other
We all know how protective God became concerning
The knowledge, the secrets of creation
And the plant, God called Life
A most beautiful plant, on whose branches grew the
Most strikingly exquisite blossoms
And fruit so luscious and sweet
This fruit, God called it a Universe
However, once inside it was painful to forget
That's how we discovered the secret ourselves
Now several things happened simultaneously
In the multi-dimensional here and now
God so loved the here and now
He even sent his own to try and fix
The delicate machinery that maintained the here and now
But the secret was out
The wonderful garden began to fade
We somehow knew
God and Life would be the last to go
Of course. We laughed
This has been the best yet
Without a doubt
A celebration
The birth of God
Heaven and the here and now
We've come of age, you and I
Please call me perception
If I may call you being
No love or deception
Except while dreaming
Here and now
As I recall the instructions said:
Once the secret was exposed
It would only be a matter of time
We were bored and
I did know the secret
And what the heck
Gods Earth is the perfect place
To watch The End.


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