Just Another Day In Paradise

It seemed like just another day in Paradise. Wandering about, giving names to the many
forms of light that danced about. Nothing special, just bliss and joy, flowing steadily
through my existence. Amid the sounds and expressions of love, a voice called out. who
or What is God?Ó it asked. Now, that surprised me a bit. Not the voice, nor even the
question, but the name God. It had a nice feel as it resonated in my throat. My tongue
moved in and out to produce the sound. Hmm.... I like the sound, the feeling, and then I
got really surprised. It was a name I never had thought. Hmmm.... I wondered, Who or
What does this name belong to ? I sat so quietly, that even the rays of light made tinkling
sounds as the touched my face. But the voice was quiet and I was left to wonder by
myself. Well as everyone knows there is no night in Paradise, only light and beauty,
delightful being ever bright. So I closed my eyes and tried to imagine God, and so began
the dream.
The Dream
Image by image, form by form, all of light wonderfully adorned, paraded through my
thoughts. Each outstanding, incredibly sublime, each fantastic, carved out of time, each a
story, a tale of discovery. Yet I was sure that none were named God. All of them lovely
and appreciated by me, yet why had I not found this God of thee ? Drops of light began
to fall, splashing into colors on the ground. I wondered and wondered but no image
formed, rather a darkness slowly enveloped me. It wasn't really frightening, but it had an
ominous feeling and a very cold touch. Am I real I thought or am I dreaming? Is this
search for God really worth this much? As the blackness thickened, the emptiness
overwhelmed me. And I began to fall into a bottomless abyss. I suddenly realized. There
may be no way out of this. Fear tinged my soul and the utter helplessness grew out of
control. I began to question even myself. Alone in my silence, I cried out but even the
echoes caused only more doubt. That's about the time I lost it. No longer able to open
my eyes, I longed for Paradise, and those lovely forms of light. Desperation and
hopelessness swallowed me. Finally resigned to my plight. A tiny voice called out.
You're nearly there. God is near by

As if from a bad dream, I struggled awake. I groped in the darkness for myself and slowly
the rays of light filtered into my being. I arose from my sleep and discovered myself.
How odd I thought. It must have been a dream, but somehow, I couldn't help but feel,
there was something I forgot. Oh Well! Time would tell. I gathered my wits and shook
off the sleep, still groggy. Life, how awesome, to be. With that thought, dawn exploded
and the day was on. Who am I? What am I doing here? Where did I from? Where am I?
There seemed to be a connection. Yet how or what, I couldn't guess. The morning
(mourning?) was spent. A re-collection of all my past events. A flood of experience and
poignant expressions. Life had a duality about it. Hot and cold, Love and hate. This
would be a very long day and I had the strangest feeling, I was somehow late. I hurried
along, through the afternoon and nearly missed my date. In my hurry, I nearly missed the
sun as it began to set. A lovely world, incredible feelings. And AH! such a wealth of
beings. I slowed down enough to watch my breathing and felt my pulse. Life certainly
was wonderful, a Paradise, I thought. But I was lonely, and life was taunting me.
Especially these stories of love and Gods. I felt something inside me and my eyes were
opened. I remembered something hazy about a search for God.

The Search
Devoted and dedicated, I set out into the twilight, looking for love. All the beings around
me seemed to know. Yet inside me I only had myself. I fashioned my love and tried
fitting it onto any forms that came my way. Although it seemed to fit them all perfectly,
each form just wiggled away. As evening approached, I became frantic even desperate at
times. Certainly, there was someone willing to wear this love of mine. Yet all I found
were beings involved in lives of their own, willing only to share the things I owned.
Frustrated and tired, I wondered why even try?Ó Life wasn't mine, I was just passing by.
As darkness came, I gave up my search. I hung my love on my door for all to see. I
closed my eyes and began to cry, when I heard a tiny voice call out. god is nearby I
heard that before and I never could find God. So why bother. Myself assured, I ignored
the re-minder. Then in my quiet, I heard a knock on my door. I opened the door and
there I saw you. You said to me do you mind if I wear this love of yours?Ó it fits me
perfectly I stared at you in disbelief. sure, why not its your, no charge or cost: A
tiny voice said to me you have completed your search

The End
I looked into your eyes and saw the fire there. I touched your body and felt loving care. I
wanted to hold you and comfort you my dear. And as I looked, it became increasing
clear. God was our meeting, our sharing ourselves. God was the moment, we sought.
Nearly in tears, I invited you in. You accepted my hand and held it close to your heart.
You looked at me and a familiar voice said god, you are the one, I've been waiting for.Ó
you heard my voice and you came to Earth to find me here.Ó It was then that I realized,
what a wonderful name God is for you. My greatest appreciation, my joy, my love. How
incredible, How awesome and all because you said God with love. Paradise will never be
the same again, wiser and experienced. God, what a name. We are the beginning of a
brand new thing. I as you and you as me. How incredible to share the same name. God,
I love you. We are about to utter a new name, formed of love. A voice called out.
thanks for coming.Ó I'm delighted to join you God as Love. To write the story that
never ends.


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