It's been a long time now. The years have come and gone like falling leaves. Sometimes I feel sad, sometimes I feel guilty, sometimes I feel remorse, mostly I try not to remember. This is a story told to me by a stranger I met. His name and background is indeed questionable. He has seen everything, done everything, and been everywhere. Nothing escapes his notice. That's what makes this story so strange. Nothing. 

The Story:

 They looked a last time, with eyes so full the sunny day seemed dim. No bells would ring to mark their passing. No stone would locate their remains. Long ago, they anticipated this day, ever planning. Like Noah, building his ark on clear days. Piece by piece, each given away. Like shiny pieces of colored glass. Pretty to look at, but able to cut the hands of a novice. Carefully they spread their wealth around. It's amazing how so little can be so much to give away. What seemed a ten minute job turned into a twenty year ordeal. They made friends, enemies, and mistakes. As each piece was given away, the hurt was evident. Their countenance dimmed as the dancing fires in their eyes flickered. Almost clear, nobody trusted them, too honest, too open, and most of all, too free. No reason to lie. They were unforgettable. The last few pieces that still remained would be the most difficult to give away. It seemed all their problems with life were somehow connected to those few remaining pieces. It would be difficult if not impossible. They were really fond of those pieces, despite the problems they caused. Like shiny pieces of colored glass, pretty to observe but able to hurt in the hands of the unskilled. The second to last piece took eight years to give away and stay away. It was recalled once and returned once until a qualified recipient was found. Finally all that remained was one very small but very powerful piece. A dream, a nightmare, a gift, a curse. They stood, eyes fixed. Their gaze met mine. Sorrow filled their eyes. The hurt, the pain, how it must have hurt to give it away. And they gave it to me. My eyes misted, such love to give me this piece. I cleared my eyes, but they were gone. Had they really been there? Just my imagination, I guessed and thanked God for my existence. A truly awesome gift. 

P.S. If anyone ever offers you a gift with tears in their eyes, they might be crying for you.


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