You & I know better, Illusion is it all.

A sea of light, a well of mystery

for some, one shines bright

Dawn spreads its early joy

flowers open, and all stretch up

to feel the warmth of sun love.

The garden attended, spirit defended.

Now, let none eat the fruit of the

tree of life.

A shallow grave beneath the trees

It's happening again the Beast is free.

Ah! The horror

The despicable truth, the pain of knowing

Truth hurts, Reality too, I hear your voice

the crying shame, the bitter kernel life's a 'jawing

A baby bawling, an Animal's Agony.

Both signs are really one. One front, one back.

So easy to get involved. You & I know better

Illusion is it all. yet for a moment, it sometimes feels

So real I can almost believe I'm alive


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