A Whole

Even the lost close in blanket warm space distortion familiar home Small time, on the street demon getting what soul I can a glimpse of heaven like a hole burned in the sky

The Devil's Story

It all started just me and the kid. The kid picked up a grain of sand called it a crystal of light, and tossed it. It burst into color and light lit the area but quickly went out. He just had thrown them all, when one stayed on.

He sent me into explore. Not much inside, just a universe. It seemed to be expanding, maybe I was shrinking. There were a lot of worlds. Some had life. Interestingly where the kid touched and left a print formed worlds with life very similar to the kid. I was about to develop a world of my own when he called me back

I told him about the creatures who thought they were real as much as I thought I was real. He sent me back, my world was gone, the worlds that had life were changed. I went back and got him. He messed around a bit and we left

He sent me back several times sometimes he came I was given plenty to eat Souls for knowledge in deed I mated but no offspring ever possessed an intellect Eventually I became a Hermit

The Peoples Story

We were minding our own business happy and free, merely eating our fruit, Playing Games, having dreams. Along comes the devil offering "knowledge in'deed", you probably remember Adam and Eve, and God. God made an agreement with us and removed the devil.

A thousand years later he was back probing, picking, messing up peoples lives. It was horrid, some of the best lives were crumbled. Entire worlds collapsed. Where is God when you need him? The devil proves god is weird, otherwise the devil wouldn't be.

The Childs Story (known as the kid)

I started out all alone. And created an imaginary friend I imagined to have always been here. It felt good to have such a Knowledgeable friend. The people called me God. A heavy responsibility. My friend (known to the people As the devil) would never know The universe was imagined like himself.

The Crystal's Story

As hoped, the experiment is encouraging. The child created a world more promising than the devil (actually the devil is my awareness reversed), the child is my imagined friend in a world I imagined. The devil is capable of penetrating anything except a crystal like myself. I feel it possible to reproduce. If two or more people touched by the devil combine it is possible to form a crystal. The crystal formation is good and improving

Eventually a crystal with form impervious to the devil. A companion that will last forever. The sand the child tossed are the latest batch. This one looks like it may last.


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