Don't Call Me, I'll Call You!

Every few thousand years, the earth and its inhabitants are visited by life forms that exist within this energy domain. These life forms were/are beings that developed on a planetary system near the star system Alpha Centauries. Their visit has coincided with major shifts in human consciousness. The last visit was somewhat unusual in that the beings left behind a sort of watchdog to observe the developing humans. The watchdog was set to broadcast a message when the human mind became sufficiently developed to understand the potential role of humanity in the exploration of this domain. The signal was sent nearly thirty years ago. I was sent to determine whether the humans were ready, however, my craft was destroyed and I was forced to find a suitable host to allow me to analyze the human mind and its growing powers of perception. Little did I realize, by entering a human host I lost my memory and mission. As a human I experienced awareness and perception, sensation and being. Those qualities of existence long since forgotten by my fellow life forms. That's when I became a renegade. A sort of devil's advocate. And I began to reshape the world based upon my view of reality.

Now as earth approaches the year 2000, I have recovered most of my memory and my mission again is clear, however, I also realize the mind of humans may never reach the level of awareness to fully understand and appreciate this energy domain. Despite the many emissaries and teachers sent to earth, humans have progressed very little beyond the capacities of their ancestors. It is with sadness that I must report back. However, the humans make excellent pets. Their desire and skill in imitation is incredible. I would highly recommend their use as hosts. Perhaps even more important, their lack of imagination and their inability to perceive the energy domain in its native form makes them and their planet, the ideal location for a

Paradise. The only caveat that I'm aware of is their incessant obsession to externalize their origin. I am sure you will find this to be bothersome but an easy work around is possible. Merely offer them the opportunity to accept responsibility for their existence and they become docile and easily managed. As for myself, well, I've found one of the humans particularly interesting and a clear connection has created a bridge between our two peoples. We will explore the potential of our meeting and once securely bonded, we will encompass this energy domain, exploring together in these human forms. Once every few thousand years we'll return to earth and observe the progress of the humans. Until then enjoy Paradise. 

Yours Truly



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