These experiences began about 7 years after my "(re-)incarnation". My first few years were filled with sensation and the other "soft" things of existence. Upon having reached critical thinking, I began to question my origin.

First steps

My first ventures brought me to a barren desert-like landscape. Material similar to sand covered the ground. A small hut/cabin stood alone. A path connected the hut to the main "road". I spent many hours there. Seated in a "lotus" position, approximately three feet above the ground. The hut became a place of solace and peace. A place where I could go and contemplate existence and life, while the body did "body things" like work, eating, walking, etc. One day, a group of travelers passed by the hut. I tried to attract their notice, however, they ignored me, continuing on. After puzzling over this for a while, I came to the following conclusion. The hut was a trap. A gentle trap. Harmless and obscure. The hut had become the journeys end to me. Several years would pass before I gained the strength to venture out. I described this place to others. Some knew of the hut. Yet none could direct me further. The hut is like a toll booth. Until the fare is paid it is not possible to pass. To pass, I had to forfeit my belief that I was separate. I would never be able to be "different" again. This culminated in an experience that took place while awake and conscious. Standing in my kitchen, I observed a moving object in my peripheral vision. Fixing my gaze, I turned and saw a "humanoid" being of approximately 90Lbs. This humanoid was about 4 feet tall with very long (nearly 3 feet) arms. The being was covered with brown fur of about 1 inches. Its face was also covered with fur, although, it appeared to be less coarse than the body fur. Also the length (about .125 inches) made a sort of inner mask of the facial features. The being appeared somewhat surprised that I was able to see it. After contemplating each other, the event and the possible explanations for a few seconds, the being began to move. It was able to squeeze between my body and the wall (about 6 inches) and began to run into the kitchen. As the being ran, it accelerated and became smaller. This shrinking continued until the being was too small to be visible. Years later, a stranger and several acquaintances would corroborate this event. A sculpture was given to me of the being seated upon a mans shoulders. Another told me of an experience involving a similar being. Another told me of a group of humans who were actively attempting to contact the being. I was living in LA at the time and was very much into discovery and exploration. Particularly into the human mind. I developed techniques of observation. However, observed experiments are often corrupted by the observation. The "test" I chose to determine "connectivity" was quite simple. I generated a sequence of words (visuals) that I would never speak or write. I then waited for existence to present them to me. (This took nearly a year).

Second step: The crystal garden.

I passed by the hut, although, I felt a longing to stop. The "main" road became narrower as I traveled. The barren landscape was slowly transforming. Becoming verdant and rich. The vegetation was vaguely familiar. The trees looked very much like the trees in Oriental and African art. The plants mostly resembled grasses. There were others I came upon. Mostly humanoid, of varying cultures. There were some animal-like beings also. Although, not particularly humanoid in appearance, they manifested humanoid ideas and behaviors. Especially, behaviors associated intelligence and awareness. Contemplation and understanding. A group had gathered around a fyre. The fyre was unlike any fire I had experienced. More of a glow than flames. The fyre provided light more than warmth. The glow reflected off the faces of the group illuminated more than just their faces. Each being, had become transparent and it was possible to see-through them. It was then that I realized, the "road" was nearly invisible. Just a thread. However, one of the beings in the group maintained a perspective that magnified the "road". We discussed the "journey" and each told of their path to this place. In each story was a common theme. The reality of each world had generated forms that contained a "longing". This "longing" was why each of them had come to this place. Most importantly, they each saw within themselves a model of existence. This model, clearly visible, was how we were able to communicate. This was a grand place, a spot where many could commune. I returned to this spot many times. Although I returned many times, the beings who I encountered were always different. I thought this spot was a sort of crossroad. A place were travelers could meet. The fyre glowed until one of the "logs" was removed. As darkness began to seep into the site, I imagined us all as one existence seeking to know itself. I sought knowledge and understanding and was given experience. I sought truth and was given life. I sought myself and found....... The road led into a forest. Resolved and no longer frightened, I set out. On the other side of the forest was the Crystal garden. The garden was unusual in many ways. A river/stream flowed through the center of the garden. The river glowed a soft yellow-white. The plants had been arranged by type. Several rows of each kind occupied individual areas. The plants appeared barren. However, upon closer examination, I saw small crystals attached to the plants. As I walked through the garden, I had a feeling that I was not alone.

Third step: The plant (The bag of seeds)


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