While'st play'n one day I came upon a really nice
stone. It was quite different than any other stone
I'd ever seen. I picked it up from where it lay.
Amid bits of glass and clumps of clay. It was
a really nice stone and a really nice day.
I had much to do and rather than stay, I put
the stone in my pocket and continued to play.

With time behind me, the day pushed on. Relentless
as always, seeking the long, shadows of night fall.
I played and played and nearly forgot the stone in
my pocket had it fallen out. It tumbled and rolled
down a very steep hill until finally it stopped
and lay there, still. I looked down the hill and
realized that it was not going to be easy to retrieve
the stone. I could barely see the stone, occasionally
catching a glimpse as the sun sparkled on its surface.
Initially, I wondered if it was worth saving/retrieving.
After all, it was only a stone and it wasn't all
that pretty, just a really nice stone.

As the day wore on, I realized that I would have to
do something before it became dark. If I waited
until tomorrow, it might be gone. And... so...
I searched for a way down into the 'valley/gorge'.
There appeared to be a slight opening through some

Now being just a kid has it's benefits and it's
short-comings. Unafraid I began my journey.
Unfortunately, I did not ensure that I had a way
back :(

When I reached the bottom of the hill after
sliding and rolling for what seemed hours, I
could not remember why I even ventured this way.
I must have 'bumped' my head, and now 'dizzy'
and groggy I wandered around and eventually
sat down on the ground and began to cry.

Through my tears I caught a glimpse of something shiny
and glimmering in the rapidly disappearing sunlight.
It was a stone, a really nice stone. SO, I went over
to pick it up. I seemed to recall something about the
stone but my memory was vague and unclear.
While examining the stone, I noticed that it was
rather rough in places and smooth in others.
It also seemed to have a 'chip' missing as though it
had been dropped. The inside of the stone seemed
to emit light. That startled me and I dropped the
stone onto the ground. I tried to catch it but
it hit some rocks and bounced. And when it
hit the rocks for the second time I saw it break
apart. I scurried over to pick up the pieces.

I was surprised to discover that the stone
wasn't a stone at all. Bits of clay
had fallen away and what I saw was a glowing
ember that looked like it was on fire.
I picked it up and brushed off the bits
of clay that were still stuck to the ember.
My really nice stone contained some kind of
gem/jewel that glowed.

Night was coming and as with every night before
the darkness would take away my identity.
Leaving me with just the idea of myself.
A sort of seed that my dreams would use to
grow another me. Without the safety of my home,
I was concerned about sleep. As the night fell
I found myself being slowly lulled by the
glowing ember in my hands. My eyes grew heavy
and my mind began to wander. I wrote down this
story/message in the hope that I might find it
when/if I awoke. Finished, I gave into sleep.

I awoke this day to a bright and wonderful light.
A kind of sun glowed in the sky above me.
I looked around me and found this paper someone
had written. It was the story of a child who
ventured into the unknown and became lost.
It was a really nice story. I wondered who it
was. I gathered my things and cleaned my spot.
It would be a long day and I had much to do.

I finished brushing off the bits of clay
that had attached themselves to me as I slept.
The paper with the words on it, what to do.
I stuffed it into a pocket and set off for
the city of light. I was sure that it existed
even if others felt I was crazy.
After all, it was only a journey.
And I could clearly see the glow above the

Next too
Whilst play'n one day, a child came upon a stone all
covered with clay. 'Course he didn't know it was
clay, he thought it pretty in some way.
He put it in his pocket and forgot about it
until it fell away. And shattered on the ground
exposing a 'glowing' ember. He called it the soul.
And while holding it in his hand he had a dream.
A dream about a man who sought the city of light.

The Man
Whilst play'n one day, I came upon a stone all
covered with clay. 'Course I didn't know it was
clay, I thought it pretty is some way.
I became attached to the stone and began to
peel away the clay.


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