The Story Of God According To A-Tom

In the beginning an idea started. And all looked
and saw it was 'good'. This proton (yes) was balanced with
an electron (no) and a neutron (maybe) and together
they formed the first atom. Hydrogen. As more opinions were
presented various other configurations were created.
Until all had voted on the IDEA.

When the All was finished the opinions began to
group together. These groups we call molecules.
As the molecules grouped/clumped together more complex
forms were made. The process continued for several
billion years.

One day life arose on a planet nearby a star.
This star was very large and would one day collapse.
Our sun by comparison is too small to collapse.
The beings on the planet were like 'dogs'. They lived
in processes called efficient, productive, expedient.
They had no words for 'fair/reasonable/moral'.
They had no concept of God. Although they very
clearly understood development.

As their sun was going through its change some
of the 'folks' built a ship and set out to
explore the heavens. Certainly if life arose
on their planet, perhaps else where as well.

Meanwhile, the remaining folks developed a chamber
that would be capable of surviving the collapse of
the sun.

Many, Many years later

The ship had found a 'young' planet and began
experiments on the life type there. The leader
of the ship was called Lucifer. For he brought
the light into the world. His experiments had
helped the planet evolve millions of years in less than a thousand.
The brain case was enlarged and through careful breeding
an intelligent creature was made. And they named the
creature Man. And the man was told that he could/would
name all the rest of creation.

The man was what the 'dog people' would have become
if they had lived long enough. But their world
was harsh and cold unfeeling and deliberate. The world
of the man was gentle, warm, and friendly. The
man had morality and compassion. The man was given
empathy and joy as well as love. And it was good.

One Day.
A visitor came by the camp where Lucifer and Satan
stayed. They were talking with the man and were
marveling on how quickly the man was learning.
Some of the ships members even engaged in reproductive
acts with the 'man'. The off spring were also
quite wonderful. A fair race of humans had been started.

The visitor asked if we knew of God. That was a new
word to Lucifer and Satan and also to the man. No one
had any idea. The man asked "What is God?" and the
visitor said to the man that "you are a child of God".
This of course confused the man. Lucifer said to the
visitor that "I made the man so I must also be a child
of God?". The visitor replied that although, we all
were created by God, only the man was Gods' child.
For only in the man did the understanding of God take place.

Needless to say this angered Lucifer and Satan who
vowed to do battle with the God. The visitor dropped
their veil and looked at the two and smiled. There
is no need to battle God. You can battle me.
As they looked, their demeanor changed. As though they
had seen a ghost. The visitor was one of their own kind.
One that had stayed behind when their sun collapsed.
The holy spirit before them offered to take them to God.
Lucifer and Satan refused. This is our world and see
how we have made it. It is good and good enough for
God to call 'our man' his/her child.

Lucifer and Satan still run the world they made.
Using daemons and darkness they force life
to develop and evolve. The man they tried to kill
but the man reproduced much to quickly and there was
no way to eliminate the man without destroying
everything else.

The visitor returns now and then to offer Lucifer and Satan
a trip to God. The visitor also checks how the
man is doing. The visitor can not or will not
change the doings of life.

The Future.
It was a really nice day. The ever day of light.
I/WE talked about the ways of bending light.
I called him Adam and you called her Eve.
The day of no tomorrows also has no nights of dreams.
The story of how this day came to be is written
in a book formed of 'apple' leaves. The
book doesn't get much use. No one can read.
But it sure is awe full nice as a door stop
outside the gates of heaven. The garden out front
is where you'll find Adam and Eve. They are the
zenith/ultimate that life can ever be.
Yet although they know God, they still play
in the garden and pick out the weeds.


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