Star Drive

It all began when the stuff called life looked
up into the sky and declared the SUN "GOD"

Opening Scene:
Several rather odd looking entities sitting around a fire.

It was to be a very good year. Special plans
had been made a mere century in advance. Everything
was anticipated with meticulous detail, especially
the site. Several alternatives were prepared
just-in-case, but we never planned on using them.

Scene changes to a typical city suburb

The kids were getting ready for school. Even
the little one would be going this year. My
how time flies! Ruth was busy in the kitchen
cleaning and preparing for her morning.
I was ready to leave for work when the phone rang.
There was a package coming and the delivery man
was just confirming that someone would be there
when it arrived.

Scene changes to an office in a futuristic world

Despite their efforts, we believe that the star drive
will work. Sometimes it really seems as though we all
ought to work together. After all we do seek similar
goals. Just our methods are different. They always
spend too much time planning and get way too involved.
Perhaps if someone talked to them again.
Regardless, the test would still take place.

Scene changes back to the fire

Every effort was made to ensure a safe delivery.
Even the delivery man was selected. We had done
very well this time. Everything was proceeding
according to plan. Clearly, we had done everything
we could. Now all we can do is wait.

Scene changes to a time about 40,000 years ago

The fire was warm and the company friendly.
I wasn't really sure how I got there, but
I was welcomed and offered something to eat.
They were little more than animals (from my
perspective). Their needs and wants were
very much still attached. I envied them.
They had 'everything' and what they lacked
they would find just by looking. In some
ways, I was like them. We shared a common
heritage, at least as far as our bodies were
concerned. Our differences were more
or less esoteric. Even our thinking
was the same. Only the ideas and thoughts
we had were different and some might even
say that the only difference was in our syntax.

After eating, they began to tell stories about
their 'battles' and 'heroes'. I was really
interested in their myths. Some how it
struck me as odd, that these 'organics'
actually had thoughts. Maybe they were
just echo-ing what sound they had heard.
It just seemed odd. Especially the parts
I understood.
With permission/orders from the council,
I infected them with 'Gnarly Old Daemons'
also know as the 'GOD' virus.

Scene changes to a time about 5,000 years later

You can never really know what will happen.
Too many butterflies around always flapping
their wings. The same was true of the hu-mans.
Always flapping their loose skin parts and
blowing air. Of course like the butterfly
some of the time it affected everyone/everything.
It was also very clear that the 'GOD' virus had
infected nearly every hu-man on the planet.
Only on one island were the hu-mans still animals.
Some of the hu-mans were only mildly affected.
Others were totally awash in the virus.
The hu-mans were most capable of
a broad distribution of the virus.
Especially with the way they used their
skin flaps to greet each other.

Scene changes to ~35,000 years later in a laboratory

Several doctors were discussing their latest
discovery. They had run their tests several
times and were astounded by the results.
They were concerned about publishing their
findings. What would it mean to the average
person? How would the societies manage?
The small petri dishes on the table contained
the facts, the truth. Hu-mans are animals.
Nothing new in that, but surprisingly, hu-man
thought and communication appeared to be
caused/formed by a virus that had formed
a symbiosis with the 'animal brain'.
Every hu-man (with minor exceptions) had this
growth in their heads. A sort of 'cap' that
seemed able to modify the 'base' functions.
A 'growth' that had enabled hu-mans to think.
In an effort to not 'disrupt' society they
called the growth benign and beneficial.

Scene changes to the suburbs

Before leaving for work, Fred kissed Ruth
like he had every day before. Never realizing
that his actions were reminiscent of the
initial infection. Hu-mans had many 'rituals'
The 'GOD' virus was spread through kissing.

On his way out to the garage, he noticed
the delivery truck driving up the street.
Ruth would take care of it, he thought,
as he got into the car and drove to work.

Scene changes to the office in a futuristic world

The moment was near. All personnel had been
evacuated. The building was vacant except for
the 'energy' transformers. They continued
to operate as normal. A note of some sort was
on top of a desk. It was very interesting.
"My GOD, what have we done?"

Scene changes back to the fire

The 'star drive' has been delivered. It would
only be another day or so and we would know
whether our planning was successful.
Looking around at the others, I couldn't help
but feel the enormous responsibility and
the profound nature of what we had done.

Looking back, we all noticed the aberration.
And like a ripple on a pond, it's wave front was
spreading. If left unchecked it would soon
affect the entire reality, that we had worked so
hard to shape and form.

Scene changes to an unknown somewhere, sometime

Children played as always, their voices charged with
excitement. The evening was approaching and the
early shadows were already gone. We had planned to
visit the mountain and were waiting for the children
to finish their game. This night was special in many
ways. Not only were the 'lights' visible
so were the rails and cables. A truly spectacular
sight. Seems that an event like this could only
happen once.

Scene changes to the suburbs

Fred arrived home from work, just like any other day.
He kissed Ruth and watched the children play.
He allowed himself some time to shed himself of
the patterns and machinations associated with work.
As he relaxed he noticed the package.
It was addressed to him and had no return address.
He began to open the package when he heard Ruth
call everyone to dinner. Although he was interested
in the package, his family came first and together
they shared their meal.
The children were excited about the weekend.
"Are we still going to see the Falls?"
"Are they really bigger than anywhere?"

Listening to them caused me to reminisce about
my own childhood. That's when it struck me.
I had no childhood. At least not that I could
remember. My body sure seemed as though it had
experiences but I could not recall any of the events
and experiences that my body so portrayed in its
scars and markings. I suddenly because insecure.
Why did I not have the continuity of experience that
everyone else seemed to have. The sound of a small
explosion snapped me out-of my thoughts.
No sense trying to remember the un-memorable.

Dinner was finished and we all dispersed. Each
to his or her particular spot/endeavor.
I looked down at the package and finished opening it.

Inside the package, wrapped in tissue and paper
wads was a tiny box. It seemed a bit odd that
such a small box was shipped in such a large container.
The small box seemed to have no opening.
It felt hollow but I could not find a seam
or a door of any kind. I spent most of the
night looking at this unique box and eventually
I think I fell asleep.

Scene changes back to an unknown somewhere, sometime

We had made it to the mountain and everyone was
comfortable. The most spectacular show of a
life time was about to begin.

Scene changes back to the fire

We were ready. And with out a moments hesitation
the 'star drive' was powered on. Now the
excitement would begin.

Scene changes to the suburbs

Fred was dozing in his chair, the kids had gone to
bed and Ruth was preparing herself. Fred looked
so peaceful sitting in his chair. Ruth picked up
the little box on the coffee table and after looking
at it, she placed it into his hand. Even before she
turned to leave the room, she saw the light. It was if
the box was becoming transparent and shafts of light
were streaming out. Fred, deep in dreamland never
awoke to the physical reality. At first Ruth was
frightened. But as the box dissolved, her fear
did as well. Clearly there was no harm intended.

Scene changes back to an unknown somewhere, sometime

The lights were incredible and the mists full of
color and shimmering forms were exquisite and beautiful.
Mesmerized, everyone began to have visions. Not
hallucinations but visions. Complete realities
unfolded before them.

Scene changes to the office in a futuristic world

The deserted buildings began to crumble.
This was expected but the actual reality
was quite an experience. Fortunately everyone
had been able to enter the box before it started.
Safe and secure, they waited.

Scene changes to the suburbs

Fred's' hand was completely enveloped in light.
It was like an cloak slowly creeping and covering
his body. Eventually only his head remained visible.
Ruth, bless her soul, was finally able to move
but there was no where to go so, she sunk to the
floor and watched the light consume Fred.

Without warning Fred stood up and the light seemed
to fall off him like drops of rain. He was pretty
much incoherent by this time and his works/sounds
made no sense. The box was no where to be found and
there was a mist that seemed to literally come out
of the wood work, the wall, and every pore of
Fred's' body. Ruth was beginning to dissolve into the mist.
Before long all the remained visible was the light
and the mist and Fred's' head.

Scene changes back to the fire

This was it. Now only a matter of time remained.
Centuries of planning and careful attention were
about to culminate. We knew what we had done and now
we watched the remaining moments dripping from the
candle of time.

Scene changes to the suburbs

The moment had arrived. The light began to
enter Fred's' head. First the eyes, then the mouth,
finally the ears all began pouring streams of light.
Fred never knew what happened. It was better that way.
Previous tests certainly provided reasons and concerns.

Scene changes to the office in a futuristic world

The "GOD" virus had done very well and had produced
a truly wonderful source of energy for the star drive.
The delivery was successful and now we were being
propelled through the 'ethos' with the unquenchable
motivation of 'discovery'. We had so little to
loose and so much to gain. Any means would have
served the end.

Scene changes back to the fire

Our task completed, we retrieved the box and buried it in time.
We knew how difficult it would be to ever find it again.
And we were relieved that we had finally finished.
A new age would begin. A new thought would flourish.
A new reality was being formed.

Scene changes back to an unknown somewhere, sometime

The show was nearly over. There might never be another
like it. So we felt privileged to have witnessed the
wonder personally. The mist was solidifying and we
had to hurry if we were to continue as entities.
I stopped along the way after noticing this really nice
stone. I picked it up and marveled at the detail and shimmering
lights inside. It would be a great keepsake a memento
of the day that "GOD" died.

Scene changes to the suburbs

Fred stood there for quite a while before moving.
It had been quite a night and even though he might
never remember the experience the reality would
never forget. Somewhere hidden in time is a box.
A very special box, that has only been used once.
It delivered the star drive to a human named Fred.
The "GOD" virus made excellent fuel and once it
was able to tap into Fred the rest is history.

We are now several billion years beyond that.
But still the humans kiss and share stories
about a universe and GOD.


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