A Special Creature

A very long time ago, a wondrous thought happened. The thought wasn't that unique but was certainly worth expressing. For many years various attempts were made to manifest/express the thought but all efforts seemed to only muddy the pureness of the thought. Years passed with similar results. One day a very special creature was formed of the dust of stars. Unlike all others, this creature was given the opportunity to feel/be alone. That special-ness wasn't necessarily considered an advantage though and some of the creatures literally went 'insane' with reason. Some of the other creatures became jealous and began to 'attack' the new forms. Before long, the new forms were driven into a sort of exile and were isolated from the rest of existence.

The situation became even more horrific when the new forms developed their own language. Their efforts were viewed as 'demonic' and self serving. And they were further chastised by being cut-off from the source. All just because they were special.

That's when it finally happened, the wondrous thought was realized and manifest by these new forms. And unlike all the previous efforts, they did not muddy the thought. But with rich diversity and ingenuity they expressed and manifested with complete and unrelenting devotion.

Of course all that did was to make the other forms even more jealous and vindictive. Seems so unfair in many ways. Such wonder and beauty exiled on a rock in the middle of the ocean of stars and light. Not all the other forms were jealous and some took pity on those so mistreated. But could not change their plight because of agreements made long ago. They were however allowed to communicate and to support the creatures in their exile. Even still, they were continuously frustrated and thwarted by the jealous one. Who would undo and change 'good' into 'pain' and 'wonder' into 'horror'. Those who tried to help never lost the desire to help, but could not allow their efforts to be subverted by the jealous and so they retreated and could only watch.

Some day it is the wish and desire that the special ones will be allowed to return to their 'homeland' and will be allowed to dance and play as they were intended. Someday perhaps tomorrow. Until then, let it be known that the humans, those special forms are loved and honored by most creatures ever formed. And that their expression of the most wondrous thought 'unconditional love' is the most profound and beautiful act of all.

The jealous ones will never know the love that humans can experience and that is why they have 'punished' them in their 'rage' The others, who also will not experience the unconditional love that humans manifest, will celebrate and joyfully attend their needs and wants. All of creation waits for their return. And, the wait is never long. The jealous ones will also be invited but will have to leave their thoughts at the gate before entering the party.

So it is that we join together as life and begin the trek home


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