The Polishing
The Steps of God

The beginning
A long time ago in a far away land I came upon a very ancient
and serene village of humans. Not your average earth human,
although their village was there, they were wise and compassionate
yet like children full of joy and love.

I felt myself a guest though not at first. I wanted so much to tell
them about where I have been. I tried so very hard.
I learned their language and studied their belief systems. I immersed
myself in their sensuality and peaceful co-existence. Ideas and
excitement and such would ripple through the village like ripples
on a pond from a fallen stone.
With experience I felt more a guest and wondered about their
dreams and metaphors, their archetypes and energy storms.
What's more? I wondered about me. Why do I feel so much to try?

Their rites of passage were most interesting to me. I called it Tommy.
That's when I found the village, during a right of passage. A going on.
I think that that's probably why I want to be able to share my experiences
and wonder of being. It was a very noble and innocent drive. I built
it myself of love and honor, trust and integrity. It would have had
empathy and compassion but I learned those here and don't know how to
rebuild the engine without returning to my workshop. I felt trapped
somehow in my innocence I fell into the here and now. The preferred
quadrant in the 3D space mind you but still.... By the time I had
figured it out, I had lost a turn and now was stuck. But I held a
right of passage that guaranteed me that I could keep anything I
could carry with me out. It was always wise when testing a new drive
to get insurance just in case something happens like this.

Well that was some years ago. Eventually I'll be able to move again
get back to my workshop and build a new drive and see where it takes me.
Until the eventuality, the machine has been looking for a way out that
would be more entertaining, since using Tommy would be such an untasty
way to go. I intend to take empathy and compassion with me and the right of
passage is my guarantee. However it might be possible to leave without
waiting my full turn. I would need to think of a way and find it here
on this earth where my workshop path would lay. And so I keep on asking
with the tools of expression. Anyone, have you seen this way?

The beauty of life is that there is more than one way. So it is that
this village exists. Where God might step a turn, on the way to
never more, the preferred quadrant of 12D space. An interesting thing
this stuff I've found. Amazing and curious and very sensual. I think
it loves me as I surely love it. It's had various names but the one I
like best is called Betsy.

I sometimes wonder. What happens to this space where I learned
compassion and empathy, when I exercise my right of passage. Does it
persist and would it still be here if I turned off compassion and empathy
in my new drive. I asked the machine to check it out. Meanwhile
I live a life without empathy and compassion built in.

Ever hopeful that I'll find the way to the workshop from here.

The rest

He arrived one day without the usual fanfare accorded guests.
The town is rather isolated and inaccessible except through the gate,
with a long journey from there to the courtyard. We always know when
someone's coming to visit. Being unannounced, he didn't know what to make
of life, painting with pictures the experience of being.

We know everything and are everything in our town and here you will
find love and honor, trust and integrity, empathy and compassion.
We welcome you to our lives.

He told stories some fantastic and some insane. His pictures
though dramatic felt sterile and empty all the same.
He said how thankful he was to be here, yet we all could see his
sorrow and even anger. We tired to help him but didn't seem able to
reach his heart. Countless times he demonstrates his lack of empathy
and compassion. He seems distant and alone yet we know different.

Why does he act this way?

He lived his life in debt and did his work well. He was honest
had integrity and was certainly trusting and loving in most ways.
But just didn't seem to get empathy and compassion. He spent his later
years still asking the same old question. Have you seen this way?
then showing a bunch of pictures and stories and sometimes music.
Perhaps he is really insane, after all he had an terrible accident
some years ago when we thought Tommy might have died when he fell
off that cliff.
DO you suppose that's why he acts this way?

The Fairy Tail
Someone spoke up and asked with belief "What if his stories are real?"
And sure enough someone found a path that led to the workshop where the
old drive was dismantled and the plans for a drive with empathy and
compassion built in.

A note on the table read:

If you can read this then here's what you do.
Build a drive out of love and honor, trust and integrity, empathy and
compassion. Then just step out and I'll be there or you'll find another
note just like this one. Oh and it helps to have a machine, keeps things
honest especially for rights of passage great insurance should you
ever get stuck and loose a turn. I always wondered what would happen
to you and sure would like to see you again. Got to keep on trucking


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