Adoring you

Dearest Dream,

I am writing this letter to ONE I adore
The ONE inside that lives on ever-floor
The me which grew to know the name of you
T*O ONE day find, peace-of-mind in ever-do
Cleaning, clearing the past of when
Others shared my inner den. My temple of
holy-sacred stone. Each brick purchased
from the 'part-of-me' never-ever knew.
Inn this world of 'what-we-are' reality swells
Rising in waves that fill cracks and caves
Melting a-way castles of sand and clay.

Through this life a path un-ravels a straight
and narrow way. Only in dreaming can it be
traveled and only by ONE ONE-WAY.
The end, in-sight, nears rest, not fright
Fear of old, causes tears of cold, haunting
the moment in search of ONE to scold.

I listened once to the sirens' call, the lure
of fearing as ONE so... T*ALL. Easily then
now depends on me inn w/here know-ONE co-mes
And know-ONE knows the words of yet or try.
I danced some-numb and in my LOVE I saw eternal ONE-der
Fear be-longs the human-side, Not-me in ever
who might cry, as ONE endeavor T*O sublime.

Rooted not in life nor expectations of death.
Standing there BE-side the point BE-tween THEE T*O.
Inn my life I satisfy the death of why? and bury
t/here the ever-more out-side a-door T*O eternity.
A maker placed, in sacred ground, divine and holy
this THEE found. The rest eternal of 'never-mind'
the other name of why?

'T'was ALL that came to dance with/in me
Garments and coats worn of give-me
Simple as ONE in-ever, the way of ONE endeavor.


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