Moving On

This is just a note I wrote
To say in words the way I feel
To tell you of all the real

We have played and journeyed
This walk of US. We have
laughed and cried, opened our eyes
And in time we became the US we are.

In this way of who we are
We looked and felt as life
Each and every moment a thought
a place where/in we found/find each other.

The many years and centuries of all
and every day, a trail of vast exploring
the why of every way. This OUR life
in changing follows the path laid out
Where/in all arranging completes the ONE
Now in ALL the very small, the dreamer
awakens from sleep.

None of US could ever guess nor even know
that peaceful rest might find its nest
In ALL of ONE grand show. Players actors
characters roles ALL the IS is ONE great soul
There dis-played the story un-folds to
ONE and ALL, in wisdom told, the dream
of ever-mind.

As we begin this chapter of OUR life
The changing of me and the meaning you
Will bring about a view that wasn't possible before
We are now learning to walk together again.
In ways that we never expected.
I am as all ways, your friend & companion.
Your lover-mate. You are the mother of OUR child
And in love do all we embrace.
We are a bright star that brought humanity its grace.

I wish I had words that would let me say
ALL the inside where I-as-me play.
I love you dearest of ALL, in ALL of life
You are the ONE in/with whom, I allowed
myself to rest long enough to dis-cover again
the why-of-me.

Thanks and love for YOU being who/what you are
I cherish US in ways that no OTHER may realize
I am great-full that we met and grew in OUR lives.
Thanks so very much for being you.
With/in LOVE I am your servant, the ONE who
dances in disguise as human.


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