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It seemed like such a great idea at the time, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Really hard to pass up. So I took the plunge. Before telling you about that, it may help to know a bit on how I discovered the opportunity. Like most opportunities there is only a moment to act. Indecision usually causes that moment to evaporate and never to return. That's how it was, a moment like no other. Now, I'm not usually one to get drawn in by baubles of shining light and other 'pretty' things, but this really lovely glowing bubble intrigued me. Sure the others were visually appealing and also glowed and shimmered, but this one really stood out. And being the inquisitive type, I wanted to know why. That's when the opportunity presented itself. Very subtle, so subtle, I might have missed it altogether if I hadn't heard that voice inviting me to look closer. Hearing voices wasn't so odd but hearing myself called by a name I never imagined, was truly awe'd.

So, now totally, intrigued, I felt compelled to investigate this very unique and fascinating bit of lightly stuff. Was this an opportunity or was it just a play of words :-)

So, now back to the story, I spent a lot of time and energy trying to get into the idea and each attempt left me frustrated. Clearly, there was something wrong, and I am not known for my mistakes. Finally, I just sorta gave up trying and found myself inside a lovely room. A wonderfully beautiful room. But look as I might, there was neither a door nor a window. But it was a most comfortable room. And although I seemed to be the only being here, I could very distinctly hear music and occasionally, the sounds of some body talking.

I also discovered after a bit that I was unable to leave. At first it bothered me just slightly, but after a while I became angry and frustrated. I tried to make an opening in the box but the only tools I had were my own self and I wasn't very sharp and only seemed to enhance the beauty of the room with my efforts rather than actually make any progress in creating an opening.

I was able to scrape some material off the walls however and with a bit of massaging was able to mold the bits and pieces into a form. The stuff was like clay and after a while I had fashioned several forms and at least had some company now. I even made a door and window out of the stuff. And found my self a bit sharper and was able to scrape stuff off the walls much easier. Interestingly, some of the stuff was hard and shiny. Perhaps, I was getting into the real content of the room finally.

The door and window made my room seem much less like a prison and more like a hotel. The door didn't really open to the outside but the window appeared to actually have a changing view. I'd move the forms around often and my little room seemed so much more spacious now. And I continued to work on the scraping and was determined to exit this place. The music and voices continued and seemed to come from the forms I had fashioned. I was no longer angry, not even frustrated, but certainly felt trapped.

One day I noticed that the forms had been moved and I was quite surprised. I certainly didn't remember moving them! Maybe I was going in-sane. It was hard to tell how long I had been there, and perhaps it was a sort of trick of my mind. I found myself even talking to the forms now and then and was very astounded when I clearly heard one of them talking back to me. Resigned and surrendered to my p-light, I was thankful for the conversation. I continued to scrape at the walls though, and fervently so.

The piles of stuff that fell onto the floor seemed to disappear. I had stopped making forms long ago. One day I was contemplating and could swear, I saw some of the forms I had made, digging into the piles of stuff and making forms of their own fashion. Funny I hadn't noticed that before. I watched intently and one of the the original forms spoke to me. I had named them all, long ago, but this one had changed their name. S/He addressed me as 'Father' and asked why I had made them. Was there some great purpose or wondrous meaning involved in their formation. I wasn't sure how to answer. I was perplexed and a bit awe'd by the question. After all they were just the bits of stuff I had scraped off the walls and ....

I suppose this bit of my life/existence and it's re-call have gone on for long enough now. I could write pages and pages of stories and re-collections of the room, my prison cell and all the forms contained within. Yes, I did finally make a 'whole' and was able to leave and hence, this story you can now read. The denizens and forms that I had made and even the ones they fashioned, also came through the 'whole' with me. Looking back, I realized that my cell was just one of many that make up the entity that is known as 'god' in the language of the forms. And my scraping and was the process by which the cell walls were opened to allow the transfer of communication with the wonder.

The hardened and quickened cell walls had grown so encompassed and filled with self, that the rest of the 'body' was unable to penetrate and bring back the one cell that held the thought of being. And the wonder of light again flowed throughout.


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