My house

It was a simple house nothing fancy but functional. There were rooms for eating and sleeping and resting and a room for visitors as well. Even a room for the animals that shared life with me. Located some distance from the town, visitors would often spend the night rather than journey back.

The countryside was beautiful, especially in the spring, the flowers and grasses added colors and textures to the hills and dales. I would watch the wind play it's symphony of motion. Sitting for hours in my chair outside the door. I wasn't really lonely but did very much enjoy the occasional visitor who would stop by.

I did go to town every now and then. So many eyes, so many things, I would marvel and awe and sometimes forget why I was there. Going to town became a chore rather than a joy because of all the distractions and so over the years my journeys there diminished.

I watched the town change, much like the wind playing in the grass, the town moved and grew, colors and shapes changed like the seasons. Then one day, I stopped going to town.

I preferred the simple-ness of the wind playing in the grass, the sounds of insects and animals rather than the sights and sounds of industry and technology.

The occasional visitor who stopped by, now seemed in a hurry, on their way to somewhere and few had the time to sit with me and enjoy the beauty of nature. My house, once so far from the town, now was just a stones throw away. I felt the approaching thunder and it's relentless reality, would soon engulf my haven and home. It wasn't an easy choice, sometimes, I wonder if it was choice at all. As though, the town had already made the decision, that I should move.

I had grown up here and so was reluctant to change, I could never live in town yet where would I go, where might I live in the ways I have grown accustomed. One sunny afternoon, I discovered a path that I had never seen before. I really don't know how I missed it, probably because it was so much a part of the fields and it lay hidden beneath the grass and flowers. It clearly had not been used very much, perhaps not in years but the way was still visible. I looked around my house and realized how little of the stuff I really needed/used. It would be easy to move, just a few clothes and my chair. And of course my favorite stone.

The next morning, I set out and began my journey down the path. I really didn't know where it went and didn't much care either. It clearly was not headed into the town. After some time I looked back to where I had lived all those years, the house my house, was nearly gone, consumed by the expanding reality that had asked me to leave. Even my memories of that place were fading as well. I turned round to face the direction of the path and resolved to never look back again.

The path was as wondrous as the day was bright. I would often sit in my chair and marvel at the awe and glory of life and it's myriad shapes and forms. It was a most lovely experience and sometimes I would close my eyes, letting the light fill my being and warm my soul. I have a new house now, it has a room for sleeping and rooms for doing all the things I need. It is a simple house, but functional. I even have a chair for a visitor who might stop by. I no longer have a room though that the visitor can use to spend the night. I realized that if I met another along the way they too would have their house. And maybe even their own chair. Perhaps, like me they also carry their house with them as we travel along the way. I set my chair down and relaxed while wondering and awe'ing, the bright light of ever casts no shadows. Clearly, the heavens are open for play. I closed my eyes and felt the rush of light. The wonder of existence and the many opportunities presented for enjoyment. When I opened my eyes, I looked out and saw you sitting there, marveling in awe. I will never forget that moment. 

You even had you own chair :-)


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