Just Another Day

Dawn burst through the darkness like fireworks in the deepest night. Globules of light scattered the shadows into wisps of ethereal smoke. Amid the scattering shadows, I noticed a small flickering light and wondered where it had come from. When suddenly, a gust of light blew it out. I would have to wait again for the darkness to search for it. That is if it was still there.

I opened my pack and laid out the things I would do. Not in any particular order, just out. A full day lay before me.  I closed my eyes and reached for the first thing that my hands touched.

It was a pad of paper with numerous writings and scribbling on it. I turned to a blank page and filled it with words and scribbling. I liked doing that, even if there was no 'meaning' in the content. It was a nice way to just express and play. Someday, I thought I'll read the stuff there and marvel at the cleverness of life and the neat ways that ideas and symbols were intertwined within the pages. But for now, I just placed the pad back into the pack and reached out for something else to do.

This time I picked up a stone, my favorite stone at that. It wasn't really valuable or anything but it held an interest to me. I used it to meditate with and to travel with. The surface was rather smooth after all these years of handling it. I always examined it before I began my meditation, somehow it helped me get into the right mood or frame of mind. I suppose I could call it my reference place, the bit of my life that I carry around, that never changes very much day to day but over the years has grown polished and shiny. In some ways the stone seemed a part of me, some indefinable aspect of me, that allowed me to appreciate the immensity of existence. It was a sort of anchor in reality, that made my trips so exciting. After my journey was finished, I put the stone into the pack.

It was time for lunch and so I prepared myself a meal. Nothing unusual. Mostly fruit and nuts. A few bits of grass and plants as well. I always enjoyed the fruit the most. After eating the outside, I would take the seeds and place them into a small hole and cover them over with warm dirt. A kind of ceremony, I suppose. The plants were mostly for digestion. Seems the rough fibers helped the process. Not sure why, but something I learned years ago when all I could find to eat was bark and leaves. The grass helped then and I still use it now. Nuts of course are more work to eat, shells have to be broken before it is possible to eat them. And so, I usually saved them for last. Sort of a way to settle after eating, and time to contemplate.

'T'was time again to select another thing to do. Only two were left and both were among my favorite things. I really didn't like to choose between them and so let my heart reach out and touch its desire. Today, it was the drawing pad, I really like the pad. Images and drawings of all I have seen, even some images of things unseen. I sat down and put the pad on my lap. I liked to draw and let myself free to enjoy the wonder of life. All the while my hands and arms stroked the pad with color and texture. The best part was guessing what I would draw and then watching what materialized. I wasn't that good at drawing but had so much fun doing it. Funny how art seems so lovely when the heart gets to express itself. I put the pad back into the pack and marveled at how lovely and joyful the day was.

Just one more thing lay waiting to do. It was just a stick with holes in it. But when I would place it into my mouth and hum and blow, such pretty sounds would manifest. I liked the sounds and loved to play. Even the sounds of life would quiet, and listen. For me the music was entrancing and so much so, that I often lost track of time and myself. I'd forget to breath if I wasn't having to blow to make the music. Very clever device, this stick. In many ways it was like another world where the day and night were notes and sounds. I often danced while I played and would often times feel that the only moment was now. With the last note came the evening and time for rest. I put the stick back into the pack and headed for my bed.

As I headed home, I remembered the spark and looked all around for it. It was gone as far as I could tell. It was really intriguing to me and I really hoped someday to discover what it was. I laid down and closed my eyes, it had been a wonderful day and I was very satisfied. Soon I was asleep and began to dream of all the expressions of the day.

Prologue: From off in the distance a few animals approached. Drawn by the light that flickered nearby. They would spend the night playing in the light of my dreams, illuminated by the flickering light I never seemed able to find when I was awake.


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