In Search Of The Original
 Raising Light

'T'was the ever day that started it all.
The once of eternity shared by the all
Places and endeavors made the name
Once was just not right for the ever day.
After much debate and noisy protests
We declared that never would ever rest

An echo was constructed that remained true
After all there was only me and never you
A grand reflection seemed so very nice
The next day I met the one called you
I was shocked and still quivering
While you talked and began delivering
The meaning of life as seen by the living.

I grew up with muscles that twitched
Eyes that saw and lips that kissed
I even had ears that made sounds appear
And other parts including a rear.
Fully formed of ancient star dust
I walked as man and chose the tardis

It was very well complete and quite charming
A quaint planet, Earth, with fields for farming
A sky full of stars for dreams to lay in
And all the many forms of life to play in
With all in matter now forgotten
Secrets could now be sold and bought 'n'

This story is starting to degenerate
So it'll have to end but not till late
After all's been said in every way
And everything's had it chance to slay
The drag'n feet of yes turd day

I'm supposed to be doing the work, I assigned myself
Instead I butcher words and prose making the why else
Funny how it is that I have nothing to say and still
I wish I could tell you how the inside of me feels

Torment and anger, angst and horror mere towns along the edge
Well traveled and visited by all sorts of endeavor
The circuit runs strong and the current flows fast
Lamps afire illuminate the grounds and the half empty glass
Moving in was so much effort, A whole life expended just
might make it. To all it seemed such a unlikely endeavor.
Born one, day another found, looking for ever in never town

We joined up this you and I, formed a quest to finally die
We thanked the world for all its gifts and fully dressed
we stepped out of the circuit. The darkness grabbed us
from all sides and slowly we tumbled into the fray
A faint glow was our first encounter, like a fine mist
it kissed and surrounded us. Warmth for the soul and
food for the psyche, we had walked through the darkness.
We built a shrine there that others might find.
Just in case we left a mind there.

Moving along we felt the tug on our backs. The circuit called
us by name but we had already 'lost' our mind so we did not care.
Yet the tugging was real and and in us the hurt started to heal
We passed a place where others had stayed and in the ashes
was a compass, a flint and a very old case.
The compass seemed worthless, its needle just turned round and round.
The flint had once been an arrow in the heart of a beast
The case was more intriguing, especially since we couldn't open it.
You took the compass, since you already knew where we were going
I took the flint, memories of what I had been.
The case followed us without provocation.

The glow was brightening, our spirits lightening.
The tug grew ever stronger but we would not look back.
We rested now and then, the case just behind us.
We never gave up, we believed in our endeavor
The brightening glow left no shadows, no unknown
We moved on until we noticed the tug had stopped.
We were standing in a field of light.

There was no visible floor nor ceiling.
Just light everywhere. The compass had
also stopped spinning. No matter which way
we turned it always pointed at thee.
The flint became the rock that marked the spot
The place where we had entered.
The case of course had followed us here and
in the light it looked sincere. It opened
now so easily, I guess we weren't ready before this.
The case contained all the stories of the journey we
had made. We called it the story of life.
In which were written our names.
We put the compass near the flint and left the case
there as well. We had used our lives and now we
needed to rest. We closed our 'I's and drifted
into the light.

After log:
Some travelers came upon a camp site where others
had rested. In the ashes they found a compass,
a flint and a case that could not be opened.
The case followed them up the great mountain.
Light would rise again. And like us they will
reach the top. If they do not look back and ignore
the tug they surely will. And like us they will
open the case and will read "The Story of Life'
And they will learn/read our names.
And when they rest we will all be together again.
Raising light is a life long task.


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