A Tale Of Six Children

A long time ago six beautiful and lovely children, all members of a loving and caring family, found happiness and peace in life. Like most siblings theirs was a healthy rivalry and competition for the favor of their fathers affection and love. Their mother loved them all equally and although each claimed a special place in her heart, her unconditional love for each of them was apparent. They all shared in their family's tribulations and accomplishments. They grew strong and capable, each given special gifts and talents that they nurtured and honored. They had great respect for their parents and obeyed them religiously. As they grew older, one by one, they set out to find their way in life.

Each was given a piece of their mother's land for their own. Their father gave them each tools and knowledge to assist them in their life's journey. As with many children, their youth was spent in wonder and awe, little did they know how much their very existence was guided and directed by their parents. As the years passed they developed their land and their place in this world. They learned to use their father's tools and prospered. Their rivalry continued however, unlike that of children, theirs had become part of their way in life.

They gradually became separated as they made their place in life. A few remained in close contact while others became more and more distant. The land of their mother was vast and such great distances made communication difficult and infrequent for most of them. They each had made their place, their home, suitable for their families and children. Over time, some of the six children totally lost contact with the others. They developed their own languages and although they would stop by to visit their parents and speak in the old language, even those familiar words were almost foreign now. Their own children were taught much of their family heritage but because of the changes in their lives, little communication was possible. Parents never die, rather they move on to new and wondrous possibilities. Despite their age, the parents never failed to acknowledge the particular success of each of their offspring.

Like most families, parents seem to have a favorite child. The same was true of this family. The oldest and youngest were by far their favorites. The oldest child was not the prettiest, nor the wisest. Nor was the oldest particularly smart. But the oldest was by far the most experienced in life and its ways. Having tasted many of the fruits of life and being. Having tested many of the rules and advice of their parents. The youngest was the most innocent and lacked the savvy of the others. By far the most beautiful and the most sheltered. All the children were treated with equal love and affection. However, these favorites would always be the ones seated closest to their parents.

Eventually their father passed away and was buried in a place that the six children considered sacred and hallowed. Nearby the home of their mother. As children they all had played in this place and it was fitting that their father would be laid to rest there. Over the years they each would stop by to visit their mother and to honor and pay their respect to their father. It was a better place where now he rested. And they knew that someday they too would follow him. And as such they each felt it an honor and duty to write stories and sing songs of his great and loving rule. Although each had their perspectives, they knew that despite their differences in perspective, they all were of his seed.

All the many years in each their own home gave them strength in their land. They began to have children of their own. Like their parents, they gave unconditionally and with great nurturing, they raised their children to honor and respect their lineage. They gave offerings to life for all the good and sustenance that supported their lives. They all lived in reasonable harmony for many years until the day that the children of the favorites happened to be visiting their grandmother at the same time. One of them asked which of the favorites was the favorite of all. She spoke slowly and clearly. The wisdom of years and years of struggle and patience made her response seem a bit odd at first. She replied to them by saying, "The first shall be last and the last shall be first".

No sooner had these words been uttered, when suddenly, the oldest child took offense to their mothers comment. "Have we not always been faithful and loving, honoring and obedient? Have we not always chosen to remain close and nearby, to care for you and our father? Why have you put us in such light?" The youngest was a bit embarrassed and being an innocent was perplexed and confused by her words. The rivalry between the children would now escalate and despite the efforts of the other children, they would no longer share and communicate. This greatly saddened her. In her sorrow, she fell into a great sleep from which none could awaken her.

The oldest of her children began to argue and fight with the other children. Feeling forsaken and lost, they sought peace and solitude but they were denied their wishes. Even the youngest had been changed. No longer an innocent, they ways of the others began to annoy and bother. A feeling of loss swept over the land and the offspring of the youngest. Learning hate and envy from the oldest child, their rivalry was now more than just child like. It was now a battle to protect the remaining innocence.

The land of the oldest child had turned to desert and in its forlorn and inhospitable place, the offspring of the oldest grew hard and heartless. Their love for life and the wonders of their heritage became a weapon, a chalice of bitter blood that was used to quench their loss of grace and now such low position in the eyes of their ancestors. The other four children tried for many years to help the oldest and youngest repair their wounds and mend their differences, to no avail. Many, many generations passed and the children of the children of the children of the children no longer knew the real reasons for the conflict that kept them isolated. Each had their own families and offspring to nurture and protect. The four who had tried so hard now busied themselves with life and their own struggles and efforts. While the two favorites grew their hatred. Every now and then seeking help and assistance from the others in their conflict. It was not easy to pick sides for each had been favorites and as such, there was little incentive to help them out. After all, it was petty fighting. Did not all the six children receive blessings and gifts? Did not all the six children prosper and grow on their mother's land?

The youngest seemed to be the one that lost the most. Innocence can never be reclaimed. And once hate had been learned, the acrimony between the youngest and oldest would forever be. The land they each had been given began to feel the effects of the hate and loss of innocence. The offspring of the youngest spent their lives securing their borders and building defenses to keep the offspring of the oldest away. The offspring of the oldest had developed armies and terror to hold the offspring of the youngest in fear. As generations came and went, the animosity between the youngest and oldest grew. Long forgotten were the reasons. However, the pain and suffering were recorded in books and kept fresh by the never-ending conflict.

The six children were given a color. The oldest was olive, the color of life and its bounty. The youngest was given white the color of innocence and newness. The other children were given red, the color of freedom and expression, yellow the color of wisdom and perseverance, brown, the color of wonder and accomplishment, and black the color of trust and connectedness. Through these colors, they were all able to recognize one another.

Thousands of years later, the oldest, still sought retribution from the youngest. Even though centuries had passed their bitter hatred had not diminished. The youngest pulled into a conflict that it could never win. Enmity and distrust their only connection. The other four children had left a legacy of hope and wonder, trust and caring. Their offspring grew and developed into great nations. Yet, somehow, the battles fought were against the youngest not the oldest. There was honor in that. For the oldest had been chosen, the youngest merely favored.

The youngest had developed a great technology and used knowledge to secure and protect their land and offspring. The offspring of the other four children, learned and shared with the youngest, their experience and ways of life. They formed a coalition. A unity of spirit and trust. They sought peace and harmony in a world that for centuries had been divided and separate. The youngest sought to resurrect the memory of their ancestors. Yet the oldest would not participate. Claiming their right to be the first, the chosen of all the six. And so they were shunned.

One day in some distant future, the youngest devised a plan to settle the conflict. No longer innocent, the plan was devious and calculated. Through careful and deliberate actions, a great show of power was unfolded. The display was intended to once and for all to establish their position. It was imaginative and creative. And most of all it was destined to forever separate them.

Using their own technology, sacrificing their innocence, to unify the descendents of the other four children, to gain their support and trust, they planned to kill some of their own offspring and the offspring of the others. They trained their aggressors and provided them with the tools and knowledge that would perform the deed. It was late in the year of the second millennium, the target had been selected long in advance but no one knew the time or hour. When the attack took place, it appeared as though the offspring of the oldest had acted in hate and dishonor. Unity and sorrow resulted; the offspring of the youngest acted surprised and hurt. And suddenly the fate of all would be changed forever.

Over the many generations, the lands of their ancestors now intermixed and difficult to identify. Only the oldest still fought for their own place. The six threads of human consciousness would be reduced to five. That of the oldest soon to be buried with the years of hate and conflict. The children of the youngest would innocently kill. And in doing so, would reflect the words spoken long ago. The first shall be last and the last shall be first. And in that moment, all of human consciousness would be divided into two groups. The chosen and the damned. The free and the controlled. The righteous and the persecuted. And the price would be the loss of eternal existence. Leaving only ashes and dust where once stood the symbol of power and glory.

Most humans have four fingers and a thumb.

Children of innocence no more.


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