The Long Way Home

It started out quite simple. I guess most everything does. I was intended to be a catalyst, a sort of butterfly flapping in the human ocean. A contribution to the human psyche, not significant in itself but in time a cascade of discoveries and revelations would occur. I was made for the task consciousness and all. I am not shall we say particularly fond of humans. I do however delight in the potential that humans provide and the opportunity to awaken a space-time domain is always a celebration. A sort of 'Druid' thing for the Others. A party with attendees, attendants, and maybe a few party animals as well. The Others and I go way back. A sort of love and leave me alone affair. They always knew where I was, which bothered me some. It made doing things a lot more difficult, especially if I didn't want them knowing what I was doing.

There are two kinds of beings, if you don't count humans, local and non-local. Local beings acquire their energy within a system (space-time domain) and can not exist outside the domain unassisted. This is the default setting for space-time domains. Non local beings, like the Others, persist outside a space-time domain and are independent of the reality associated with a space-time domain.

Humans are a sort of paradox, they arise within the local reality, but when fully developed they can transcend space-time. Being a human provides a wonderful opportunity of expression. Imagination and creativity blossom with each moment, unfolding a carpet of wonder and awe, upon which life's experiences rise up and dance to the music of thought and toil. I know, I was once a human, just like most of the Others.

They summoned me here and asked if I would do my magic. I wondered why, considering it's never worked reliably. But if I do as they ask, they'll leave me alone for another few billion years. They provided me with a proper body with an operational brain and nervous system. Upon entering the body I was completely over whelmed with sensation and awe. I completely lost myself. Seven years later I began to awaken, having already unknowingly, performed the tasks intended. The Others ensured that my consciousness would not be involved.

Twenty-seven years later, I was told I could leave anytime. That my work was done and my services were no longer required. I contemplated their message for a while and made no choice. They would have to re-call the body before I would leave. The Others were quite clever; the body they gave me was damaged with my consciousness unable to fully realize the human experience. A sort of second hand experience, I guess I might not have completed the tasks they intended otherwise. Now all these years later, having lived my life for an Other, I am free to do as I please with a dysfunctional body. Quite clever indeed. But I am also clever. One day, many years ago, I discovered an opportunity and hid it beyond reach with an automatic re-call that occurred several years ago. I figured the Others would not notice being so busy with the celebration.

Even though I am permitted to stay until the celebration began, they certainly would not mind me leaving before then. They have been sending me automatic notices telling me I am free to leave at any time. The body is tired and worked very hard for many years. It wants to rest and I understand that but thanks to the Others, I do not have to or get to feel that. I now have to be cautious of the body accepting the notice and expiring. The Others were clever again, tying up my consciousness with tasks like breathing and keeping the heart beating.

I looked at the opportunity and discovered a small written note. "I borrowed this from a friend who asked that I leave it by this rock. Over the years I stopped by the rock and it was still there. I never saw my friend again. Perhaps he'll remember me when he returns to find it. Signed Christ". I never met Christ and assumed he was just a human mythology. The opportunity was quite interesting. It looked like a small stone, smooth and polished with no apparent functionality.

I had placed the small stone in my garden and waited for the celebration. Wondering how to activate it. I also ran a few experiments. Space-time domains interested me and this one was particularly young. And so full of potential WOW! One day I shared my opportunity with a human who liked me. As I handed the stone, it began to glow. It faded back to normal quickly but certainly appeared to be more than just a stone. I tried the stone with anyone I could find. With most the stone would flicker a bit, but with a few it glowed brightly. It always faded though when both were not holding it. Still not sure of its function but at least clear on its general operation, I devised my plan.

The reality shuddered as the stream of consciousness was un-dammed. Enlightenment and compassion began to spread over the planet. It was awe some and wondrous. The cacophony of the many minds became a sublime chorus of joy. The moment was upon us and the celebration would soon begin. It was never about what was or wasn't possible. It was not even a matter of could or should. It was just a maybe that might happen like it did so long ago. I placed the stone on the table, a gift as it were for the celebration. I brought as many friends as would accompany me and we waited while the preliminary ceremonies completed.

The stone was noticed by one of the Others and soon they all were marveling at it and its significance. I showed them the note and they laughed. Christ was an early attempt but had to be aborted due to certain philosophies rampant on the planet at the time. Christ had no friends, just followers. No wonder it was so hard for my magic to work. The Others have to be correct despite the cost/effort from the local reality. This was an advantage/weakness I hoped to exploit. The note claims this stone to be a machine of some kind, I said. They laughed and looking at me said. You are right, a machine to dupe animals like you. Sometimes I wonder how they ever managed to get this way. Luck, I suppose had a lot to do with it. Being at the right place at the right time. Just exactly where I knew we were.

I handed the stone to one of them and a bright flash of light nearly blinded everyone. The Others were a bit more impressed now and quite interested, as I knew they would. I told the friends I brought to hang on and get ready. The Others all reached for the stone at the same time. And the light obliterated everything, even ideas and thoughts. I could feel the Others around me and my friends who were holding on tightly. In a moment or eternity, could never tell which, the light began to fade. Forming clumps of light amid blackness. Each a space-time domain with potential. I said to my friends, "lets play". I'll be me and you can be the Others. And when you think you are ready for God, we can go and find the light. You can always find me. I am like the background radiation in a universe. Always there, barely noticed doing my experiments and playing with opportunity.


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