The Hardest Thing I Have Ever Done 
And Other Poems

The Hardest Thing I Have Ever Done 
The hardest thing I have ever done
Was to put down in words
Feelings that were never meant to be fun

It was a typical day full of beauty, the wind dancing through the trees.
The scent of fall heavy in the air. A simple song filled my mind and brought a tear.
The sky scatted bits of blue where cloud played peek-a-boo, left me feeling calm.

A bit of Deja Vu scattered about like the fallen leaves,
Covered the ground as far as the eye could see.
What meaning could I read in these?
Simple dreams from eternity.

If I closed my eyes would I still be able to see?
Or were these just artifacts of reality?
The colors swirled inside my head,
Autumnís bright brush hid the dead.

A disguise or just a play instead?
Gathering my wits about me, I set out to explore the world
Finding treasures and novelties galore
I might have been satisfied but I knew there must be more

I just couldnít imagine how or what for.
I came across some creatures, playing with their own.
Each cloaked in garments, uniquely their own.
I stooped to watch them playing when suddenly it started to rain.

In wonder I saw them de robe and heard one exclaim,
Tomorrow weíll meet again and they all melted away.
I looked at the puddles of shimmering water, all colored with their remains.
I might have been sad but remembered; we are all made the same.

I wondered if I too was being watched by creatures unnamed,
And so I took off my cloak and melted all away.
What seemed forever, took my breath and in its place
Left me pulsing in the falling rain.

I was re-membered by some ancient soul
Who took me home and stood me by the door.
I was grateful for the comfort and warmed by the kindness.
I wanted to reciprocate but hampered by the blindness.

I seemed only to make myself smaller and smaller.
One day, while cleaning, the ancient one saw me as I scurried across the floor
Wondering if I was supposed to be still by the door.

Gently and carefully, I was picked up and placed by the stove.
There simmered a cauldron, of such intense wonder
I fell into a deep sleep. Little did I know I was the seasoning for the main course.

Ever More
Just once I dreamed of ever land and the ever day
I knew when I felt it, that I would ever stay
Yet, all the awe and wonder that lay beyond the edge
Drew me like distant thunder

The light of being shone so bright,
I found myself near blind in the light.
Yet somehow I knew it felt so right.

Just once it happens, a feeling that can not be described
A sense of being, belonging warmth rising inside
In all its subtle and changing ways,
The sense of self immersed beneath the waves.

For there, the most precious of all would bloom
Nurtured throughout the years
Fed love and kindness, and watered with tears
An awe full beauty, freed of fears

I have danced with you so many times, to music inside the soul
A moment here, where time would dwell, and feelings swell
While waves of wonder crash upon the shore of consciousness
It is there we met, amid the noise of all that might be.

The way we played, brought many who might be
Long ago, we shared a simple song of being
And while we played, we never forgot the words and melody
We knew each other would sing along

It was a simple thing to realize
Yet so hard to say
Feelings bursting all about
So much inside to want to convey
It was a sort of torture to feel that way
Words and all expression seemed so clumsy and trite
Yet, given us, as a way

Iíll never know when the moment arrives
For in the bliss, time can not survive
Eternity just a glance away
How can words ever hope to say
The feelings inside, that only another could know
With you I have a chance to play, to express and feel
To wonder and be like no other


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