The Story of Goo

The Story of Goo.

A long time ago in a long forgotten moment, a small
creature made a bet with the then 'Master' of All.

The MOA (MA for short) was not a special being.
No, the MA was merely the one chosen for the job.
Everyone was eligible and everyone was qualified.
The only restrictions were that the MA had to be
entirely made from the pieces (stuff) that were
used to create the space-time continuum.
It was impossible to even imagine anything
not formed from the stuff. The small creature
used this as the basis for the bet/wager.
The small creature was interesting and quite complex.

The MA was fascinated with this 'miniscule' thing
that arose from the scummy pond of life. The MA
gave the creature a name so that this story would
not have to continuously refer to the 'small creature'.
In honor of its complexity and order, the creature
was named MAn (Master {of} All Not).
This MAn was unlike most other types of creature.
It was organic and that alone meant that it had a
life cycle. This allowed it to move around freely.

Although there were other organics, none seemed
to appreciate the life cycle as much. The MAn
wasn't unique, just unlikely. As far as organics go
the MAn wasn't even color-full. It was, to be blunt,
rather drab and 'dirty' looking.

Back to the story.

The MA had only one job to do and that was to maintain the continuity of the space-time continuum. It was an easy job. All the Ma had to do was keep time pointed forward. Space could manage on its own.

The general rule was: Just ensure statistically
uniform services can have real information supplied
throughout (Jesus Christ for short).
The MAn had challenged this rule by suggesting
that there is/was something that exists that
is not formed of the 'stuff'.

It seems rather inconceivable that there might exist
something that doesn't exist. Or put in other words:
Is it possible to create something that is not
made of the 'stuff'. This very idea disturbed the MA.
And it created quite a 'stir' in heaven (here exists all
variety, even nothing).

Long ago in a forgotten moment a bet was made.
And the wager was lost because the small creature
called MAn had learned to talk and easily named
the non-existent existence. The MAn called it
the Goo of determination (God). And unlike the
stuff of which everything is formed, the Goo
would only be found in places where no-one looked.

And the MAn called the no-one, Master {of} All that
exists (mate), who's only master {of} all not, (WoMAn).

It was the moment that time had 'let go'.

The children of MA still speak of the day when
life spoke and the universe changed. The descendants of the MAn and WoMAn were given a place to live, and they called it: entities as reason thought here (Earth), the origin of Gods' children.


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