The real-life drama of now and on-line

#1 THe first letter Subj: reaching for the forbidden Date: 97-03-28 10:28:57 EST From: Grdiangell To: Gr8art2

careful.............with what you are dealing with and trying to establish with sense not everything clearly................the one that touches you is of family of 7..............including children............and spouse............retreat from your desire..............others are watching from the ether of the nether!!!!


#2 THe second letter Subj: COUNCIL OF THE NETHER Date: 97-04-01 18:25:20 EST From: SEQUITUR1 To: Gr8art2

GR8ART2, It has been observed that the message from Grdiangell has been disregarded. It would have been to your advantage to heed such a message. The matter is now to be turned over to the Council of the Nether for further consideration and how to proceed on this. Much thought must be given to this to render a course of action and forthcoming statement. Troubling the Council is the private sessions and no concideration to all those surrounding the one you are conducting these sessions with. Complete disregard for the Messengers first contact is of the nature of arrogance. The Council will take up the matter immediately and come forth with its findngs and actions of recommendation for timely implimentation.


#3 the third letter after I changed my AOL screen name Subj: COUNCIL MATTER Date: 97-04-03 02:12:12 EST From: KALAHARIA To: Repasky

it has come to our attention of unethical and selfish desire that enticement has possibly been made for the ONE we are observing. the Council will have to now take this into chambers to access the veracity of the action that is perpetrated. this goes against the tenants that are set down in all natural understanding and love of lifes convictions. further analysis of the presentation of this enticement is being made and will be properly treated in the values of the human condition of the world. possible notification of close individuals to the ONE will be considered to bring to an equitible resolution for all parties . Then the matter could be dismissed.


THe Fourth #4 Sent to Flicker Light Studio (this site)

THE COUNCIL (, 2:37) To:for more information contact us

The collective COUNCIL sees and observes all. Every facet of what is necessary to over see and be aware of is in our domain. Ever vigilent is the COUNCIL to every moment and movement of what is the focus that is needed to collect and immerse in to watch over the ones we have become aware of needing our attention. We continually and constantly have our minds eye trained on multiple tasks to provide the Guardian and Watcher with that which is necessary to our caring and providing for others and those near them..............Others that we designate and bring in and know are in need of our care. Your activities have become covert but are not going with out notice.......for we see all and access and provide decisions that take the form of what is needed to protect and care for the special ones we are attaching our attentions to because of your activities............we will and do provide those close to the special ones with information that will assist in the care of them. Acting on what is in the natural laws of life and concepts that hold us together is your task to move towards. Take care to hear the silent advisory that will benefit all.


THe 5th letter sent to my WEB site

VIGILENCE IS UNENDING (address removed may hvae been, 17:10)


The sandS of time are running out to the last grains. Abstinance not used
under advisory requires a further step in the COUNCILS decison and
activities. With the observations and reports of more than one solicitation
and desirous attempts on others besides THE FOCUS "one" we are keeping close
attention to, THE COUNCIL is moving towards alerting and giving notification
to those needed to assit in this matter. Ones close to the subjects will
receive the subtle sign to aid in their rectifing the subliminal and at
times direct motivations that are being given creation in mind and soul
without conscious or subconscious self restraint but a self satisfying and
alterior motive which is involved.
We are very forward looking and hope that cooperation is seen to be given
consideration and fruition. Go in PEACE and THOUGHTFULL reflection to give
clear and well thought out remedy for the intrusion that is being
Given correct and moral application will result in all finding rest and
tranquil enviroment to keep the mind with out hinderance and burden.

NAME omitted as this may have been forged


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