The real-life drama of now and on-line

Recently I got an AOL account. I had a fun time loosing time on-line and met a lot of really nice people. Apparently some of them decided to play a very old game with me called "FEAR". It's not a real fun game but it has it moments of interest. Especially the 'live drama' that is taking place. The following email apparently refers to one of the several hundred folks that I have communicated with in the AOL artists cafes and metaphysics rooms. I tried really hard to guess to whom this refers but am unable to resolve this. Perhaps you might have some clue.

Despite my efforts to communicate my concerns and dislike of the harassment to AOL, it continues. The last message was received April 23. The harassment started Mar 28. I followed all AOL guidelines in reporting the incidents. I especially find interesting that I have yet to get a personal and meaningful response from either AOL or the originator of the letters. As long as this continues, I will be adding pages of the transcripts/dialogue of The Council, AOL and myself. I suspect that the AOL user responsible for the harassment, may have initiated getting my email to AOL blocked. Requests to AOL about the blocked email have not been responded to. I will continue to try and use AOL processes to help 'resolve' this issue, but if past actions by AOL are any indicator of future 'actions', AOL will probably cancel my AOL account hoping that then, maybe I will not have any complaints about AOL users harassing me and stalking others in their 'cyber space'

The first page is a series of 4 messages sent via email to my AOL account and to this WEB site. AOL was contacted and the only action AOL has taken so far is to block email from my WEB site. I suppose AOL believes that if I can't send them email concerning the harassment by their user that the problem goes away. I don't think AOL ever considered that I would publish the threats and AOL non-existent and meaningless actions/response to the concerns of their customer (me).

The second page is a continuation of the harassment and includes responses from AOL. Not included are the bounced email attempts to report this harassment to abuse at Seems AOL keeps it's mailbox full so that users non-AOL customers won't bother them with complaints about AOL user harassment. .I am enclosing my requests to AOL for action and AOL responses to my request. It's really good for a laugh, considering how many stalkers and harassers must be able to find a haven in AOL

The third page is a continuation of the harassment received 6/27/97. This has been happening now for 3 months and AOL just lets it slide. I still can not send email to AOL because they have blocked my WEB site. The harasser has had a grand time and AOL fully supports their actions (at least for the past 3 months).

Also of interest is the blatant 'stalking/watching' this AOL user refers to in the threats. I believe that I have discovered the AOL user 'referred to' as the 'Other' in the messages. Amazingly, AOL has done nothing about this even though I sent them information that directly linked the 'Other' with a 'person' who is stalking her in cyber and physical reality. AOL probably considers this a 'minor' issue and seems willing to allow this user to continue their harassment and stalking. As noted in the latest message, they are now 'watching/stalking' others.

Since this began, I have limited my on-line communication to three people. And occasional chats in the artist and metaphysics rooms. All of these three people are older than 30yrs and live in Colorado, California, and Oregon. All but one of them I have been friends with since Jan 1997 or earlier. It is unlikely that the 'others' referenced' in the messages have anything to do with me, yet this 'AOL user' seems to justify their stalking of AOL users by sending me threats.

If you or someone you know would be interested in publishing this material or interviewing for for an article, please contact me I would be glad to help publicize the environment AOL is providing for folks who have a desire to harass and stalk others. Perhaps, AOL might take it seriously, and even if AOL does nothing, I believe that my experience is not an 'isolated' case and that children and young adults are being exposed to 'cyber stalking' because AOL does not or can not manage it's users and provide a safe and reasonably secure environment for children and young adults.

NOTE: do not try this yourself, AOL may eventually cancel your account.
How to stalk using AOL services. This is not an endorsement nor does it suggest anyone do this. It is merely the technique that an AOL user is using to 'harass' me (mild stalking)

Apparently AOL permits it users to do this sort of thing. Complaints to AOL have resulted in no response lately. Seems to do this all one needs to do is to create a new screen name each time and be sure to 'cancel' the new screen name before allowing anyone to respond. Then just email your threats to anyone you wish.


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